Ezlo WEB UI Beta release notes:

  1. We are releasing ability to do backup of all user data for Linux controllers with Ezlo WEB UI.
    It will be possible to:
  • Create a backup.
  • Restore from the backup
  • Have the visibility for backup creation progress
  1. Settings
    Ezlo mobile apps already have support for Z-Wave Settings option for your Z-Wave devices and its possible:
  • see the default configuration settings for your devices
  • manually add a new parameter
    On the Ezlo WEB UI we are adding support for different types of settings:
  • bool. Boolean single option (for example enable/disable sending notifications to the associated device or enable instant status report using CC Hail)
  • int. Integer options with minimal and maximal limitation
  • scalable. Scalable option with minimal and maximal limitation
  • token. Fixed value. Each value has its own “name”
  • array of tokens. An array of fixed values.
  • rgb. RGB value.
  • action/single button. Single action can be executed via hub.device.setting.value.set request without value parameter.
  1. With the Ezlo WEB UI you will have access to the information about Z-Wave devices:
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Manufacturer
  • FW version

Link to the Beta release: ezlogic.mios.com


You have a bug I saw earlier when talking to Melih, before you posted this announcement.

When you select a device from the blue menu on the left and then click settings on the right, the wrong device name is then shown in the device name field.

Instead of showing the correct name for the device it shows the name of the very first device in the device list of the blue menu on the left.

I then used the drop down menu and selected a room and hit save.

I then ended up with two devices with the same name and the one I’d just edited then had the wrong incorrect name.

I sent screen shots to Melih so maybe he can share. Or I can later if needed.


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Is this beta? Because it looks very alpha.

I assume we will have more view options coming?

Currently you just get one long list of devices by type, in the blue menu on the left.

I would like a “Room” view also like Vera UI7, where devices are grouped into rooms. This is the only view I ever use in UI7.

Also would like an overview view where all devices on the hub are display at the same time and you can scroll up and down and view all the devices at a glance, again similar to UI7.

Currently in this new Ezlo Web GUI, you have to select and click individually each device from the blue menu on the left to then see that device on the right hand pane etc.

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Z-Wave device paired to my Ezlo Plus an Everspring door contact sensor.

If I click settings on this Everspring door contact device, for some reason it then shows the name of another device named “Flood Lights”, this is a problem. --FIXED

The device named “Flood Lights” appears to be just the first device in the list of devices, in the blue menu on the left.

On this screen shot I have selected the Z-wave device named “Everspring Door Sensor” not “Flood Lights”

I can see some information about the device lower down the page though

That’s all I can see for this device however, no other options or settings available like Z-Wave device parameters or device variables.

There is also this drop down menu, that seems to show rooms, I selected “Lounge” and clicked Save, so presumably here I am assigning my device to a room.

This however then renamed the device I selected “Everspring Door Sensor” to “Flood Lights”, so now I have two devices named “Flood Lights” this is a bug, the device you select from the blue menu on the left, its name is then not populated in the name field on the right hand side.

Regarding backups there appears to be some listed:

If I select a backup from the left, I then see this and a Restore option:


Great feedback! Please keep it coming.
The team will continually improve and keep publishing regular updates with fixes and new features.

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The purple Sign Up button is inoperable on the web form, leaving me unable to create an account from Chrome for Android.

If instead you attempt to Sign In using one’s Jira credentials, this most unhelpful error message springs up:

What account is needed to login to this EZlogic?

Just your normal Vera account details.

I’ve tried email and user name. But none works.

I just used my username not email and the regular password

I’ve just paired a Qubino DC Flush Shutter module to my Ezlo Plus (I have two for sale btw).

Every device you select from the blue menu on the left, then on the right hand side it says “Unassigned Devices”.

There is an ON / OFF button tile then a separate dimmer tile that goes up to 254% should be 100%

–FIXED I had to unpair and repair the device to the hub, now the dimmer goes up to 100%

and then I have two Kwh tiles for some reason.

The dimmer I cannot select or move or do anything with it though.

I clicked the “Off” button and it changed to “On” but now I cannot click it again and change it back to “Off”.

So looks like these tiles are not currently operational.

If I click “Settings” again the wrong device name is then populated as already stated:

So I renamed the device back to “Flush Shutter DC” and put it in the “Lounge” room and clicked the Save.

However if I refresh the browser, I am using Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop btw, then “Lounge” vanishes and it goes back to saying “Unassigned Devices”.

Clicking “Settings” again and scrolling down the page, I can see this devices info.

I like that it shows me the devices firmware version.


I cannot see any other settings however, so maybe they are not implemented yet.

No Z-Wave device parameters and no other device settings and variables are visible anywhere.

Another problem, I have two Vera controllers and two Ezlo controllers, this web GUI is defaulting to my Vera Plus which obviously won’t work. Each time I connect to the web GUI I have to change the controller to point to my Ezlo Plus instead.


Can we have an option to choose what is the default controller it loads up first.

This one is actually my Vera Plus:

Can it sense if its a Vera controller or an Ezlo controller ? This page should say sorry the Ezlo web GUI does not connect and work with Vera firmware hubs etc.



This is a different Qubino DC Flush Shutter device named “Lounge Blind” and on this one, the dimmer slider is correct with 100% not 254% and I can select and operate the dimmer curve (maybe better as a straight slider) but the blind does not physically move though.

Not sure why the other Qubino DC Flush Shutter device I just paired earlier today has a 254% scale. So I seem to have issues with Qubino DC Shutter modules, nothing new there then !


This is another device a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 and this one does actually work and move the curtains position.


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Looking at backups a little more closely there is some text.

The red text you can’t read very well, I have highlighted it in this screen shot.

It says “Note: it’s a list of all available backups for all hubs for your account.”

However you cannot tell which backups are from which hub which is dangerous or this text is badly worded.

Presumably only the backups shown are only for the currently selected controller? etc.

Clicking the bell icon at the top I see this:

Who is “Sarah Cox” ?

I have not added a new from called “Kitchen” there is an existing room called “Kitchen” however.

Clicking “See all notifications” doesn’t do anything and just makes the notifications window vanish.

EDIT: Looks like notifications have been removed all together currently the Bell icon has gone.

Sign in still fails with my Username (code 404). I’ve used the same Username/Password as in the Vera App.

Hang on then let me log out and double check.

I logged out and refreshed the page, this is the URL in the browser:


And the login page looks like this:

I just logged back in with my Vera account’s user name and password OK.

Its definitely the same user name and password you would use for the regular Vera portal page at:


Can you post a screen shot of the failed page:

What web browser are you using on which device?

Maybe try clearing the browsers cache or something or try a different web browser.

I am using Google Chrome on Windows 10.

However I did previously login OK with Chrome on my Android phone also.

Smoke and CO sensors are not showing any values other than battery level.

Now granted 99% of the devices on my Ezlo Plus are emulated / virtual devices that are actually paired with my production Vera Plus using Rene’s 3rd party Vera to Ezlo bridge plugin.

However the same sensor in the Vera mobile app on my phone looks OK, whilst the app is connected to my Ezlo Plus controller.

This is an emulated / virtual device, an appliance plug switch which is an Everspring.

The ON / OFF button works OK, I can turn on and off the Fireplace.

I don’t like these KWh tiles, I have two and one is showing 10.46 value whilst the switch is OFF what does this mean ?

If I turn on the switch and wait some minutes these KWh values do not change, this plug switch does have power metering capability. @reneboer should the Vera to Ezlo bridge pass to the Ezlo controller the power usage values ?

It looks the same also in the Vera mobile app whilst connected to the Ezlo Plus controller.

Also on the screen shot above of the Vera mobile app, you can see the Qubino Flush DC module, that I just paired to the Ezlo Plus, that is a “real” device. It is showing Watt and KWh.

Someone tell me what is KWh ? Kilowatt Hour, what does this mean ? Does it show the current Kilowatt usage of the device?

If so why not just have one value showing rather than two, in the GUI watts and then kw if its goes over 1000 watts. I never understood what you are trying to show here ?

Again when the device is OFF it’s still showing a KWh value, is this some total amount of KW usage whilst this device has been in operation then? Or is it meant to be just the currently being used KW?

This could well be a bug in the Vera to Ezlo bridge and I need Rene to confirm for me.


I had to unplug the appliance plug from the wall socket and then plug it back in again, now power metering is working OK again in the Vera mobile app, when the app is connected to the Ezlo controller. So the Vera to Ezlo bridge does transmit the current power usage / consumption.

And now in the web GUI I can now see the power usage also:


However my initial question still stands. What is this 10.46 KWh value ???

The 1980 WATTS by the way NOT KWh is the actual current power consumption usage of this appliance plug.


Looking at the “real” device on the Vera Plus, I can see these variables:


Watts is the actual currently being used power consumption:


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