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4 months ago I bought vera secure and have been enjoying the functionality/flexiblity, power of building and adding my own Luup code to accomplish custom scenes such as turning my Netgear NAS units off/on when I arm my GE concord alarm system ,along wth some other cool things. The community has been hugely supportive.

Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying the Vera Secure. It’s been pretty solid now that I’ve finally got my z-wave network stabilized and associations/scenes created. It goes without saying that folks that decide to invest in a whole home filled with Z-wave devices, understand the invested time and effort it takes to get to the “optimal” setup.

So, I decided to get the new Ezlo Secure thinking I was going to get the same sort of functionality (or better) , along with a more “updated” hardware.….

I just received the Ezlo Secure/unboxed and pugged it in….Are you kidding me??
• Mobile UI only?? Really?
• I need to rebuild my z-wave network (65 devices) manually exclude/re-include into Ezlo, recreate all the scenes.
• No migration path; NO way to migrate from Vera Secure to Ezlo Secure. Tell me this isn’t so.
• No apps and no ability to do custom Luup code?
• And any Other stuff I haven’t identified in the first 15 minutes

Honestly, this feels like a big step backward so far. I mean, you can talk all you want about building a more scalable framework, better hardware but if you take huge strides backwards with the UX, it’s really going to alienate a huge segment of your current user base.

Unless someone can talk me off the edge and tell me I’m missing something, I’ll probably be moving away from these products; pushing amazon for a refund for my Vera secure and returning my Ezlo secure; looking to Homeseer or Home assistant for my home automation needs.

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If your happy with your Vera Secure which it sounds like you are, then why not stick with that for a while longer.

The new Ezlo hubs are pretty much as you described at this stage and hopefully will come in to their own further down the road. They are still developing the platform in some areas and it will happen in time.

because I also know atrophy when I see it. i.e. two apps that I have been using, have recently stopped working and the response from oscar (who appaarently is the only support person on the vera team) told me that they wont be fixed.

Care to tell us more?

Tesla and MyQ apps.

I’m not familiar with those plugins as I don’t use them. I assume they are 3rd party plugins not made by Vera themselves. Have you asked on the threads for those plugins about your particular issues?

I thought Lua was still there, and a new API is there as well. It’s not great that no upgrade path is available though. I can imagine re-linking all those zwave devices would be a pain. I have the Elzo plus on order, but only about a dozen or so devices to move over. I have used a number of different plugins over the years, but nothing I can’t live without. I had to move as my Vera lite is not supported at all any more. I would stick to the Vera a while longer in your case. Any kind of move would be painful for at this time. Maybe in a year or two things will look different.

The Tesla app should be updated soon, I think @reneboer can give us more insight if he has the fix coming soon. MyQ unfortunately will probably never be fixed, because every few months MyQ change up their API breaking any integrations that they don’t natively do.

Yes so far its been a Painful transition- My first several device moves(to the ezlo plus) have either did not pair up- or when finally have them pair-and they were “Buggy” to the point of not functional ect. SO far no 3rd party apps- No PC based GUI. Currently many tickets requesting device to be fixed-that were working fine in Vera Plus…But they are “working thru the issues”. I am to the point stopping the changeover to new elzo Plus- for at least another month.

Hi Patrick,

I really wish you would have mentioned to our support team that you were planning to get one of the Ezlo controllers. If you did, then I’m pretty sure you were linked to the Ezlo platform FAQ:

In the FAQ, several of the items you mentioned are addressed.

That said, the web UI, as well as the option to transfer your Vera system onto your Ezlo system is being developed at the moment and expected to be ready soon for the migration option, and during summer for the web UI. Since it is a whole new platform, it is expected that the plugins from the Vera platform are not going to work. However, the FAQ puts it in better words than I do:

We know the platform will get better as time goes, but that’s only if you’re willing to wait. How long? I would be lying if I told you how long, because, honestly, we don’t know. At the moment we only have estimates.

As correctly informed by @cw-kid, those are third-party plugins, so it is up to those plugin developers to keep them up to date and working, and they usually do, expanding the capabilities of Vera, for which we are very grateful. The MyQ plugin was actually kept alive by users of this forum for a long time after its original developer deprecated it, but finally MyQ entirely dropped support for their V4 API, making it impossible to keep fixing the existing plugin, and requiring full development of a new one, which we don’t know if someone is developing.

By the way, Oscar is not the only member of the support team. We are a small support team, doing our best to help everyone as swiftly as we can. We’re sorry if that’s not enough for you, but that’s what we have so far, and we’re currently working on growing the team for you, our valued customers.


Where can I find out how to add lua to a scene with the EZLO Plus? The Vera had a code section in the scene creator. I don’t see that in the app.

It’s there look harder. In the Scene actions you can add Lua script code.

But don’t expect to just copy and paste your existing Vera lua codes as they won’t work, since they have changed all the underlying Luup properties.

So steep learning curve again for us all.

I was trying to upload a short video I made showing you how to get to the Lua scripts option in the scene actions but it will not allow anything other than jpg, jpeg, png, gif, zip, pdf, and svg files here, so here goes the simplified worded version:

Open the Vera app and connect to the Ezlo Plus>Menu>Scenes>Tap edit option on the scene you want to include Lua code in>Add action>LUA script.

Now, I’m just at the very base level of tech support, so I don’t really know what you would be able to put there to be honest. I am at the very most kind of familiar with commonly used luup code in the Vera platform. I mean, I can read it and infer what it does from that it says, but I cannot write it myself from scratch.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks for trying to help. This is all I get when I add action.

Check your app version and make sure you have the latest. My screen looks like this

Here you can find lua examples

Hello @Grwebster,

Please make sure your phone is running the latest version of the VeraMobile app that can be found here for Android and here for iOS and let us know if the option for LUA scripts still doesn’t show up.

Best regards.

I, too, bought an Ezlo Secure back in January with the intent of replacing my Vera Plus with 90+ devices. Sadly, I haven’t even taken the Ezlo out of the box after reading that there is neither Web UI nor support for beloved plugins such as Reactor, Harmony, or LIFX.
I knew there was no smooth upgrade path to the Ezlo Secure and I was willing to rebuild my entire system from scratch, but without Web UI and plugins like Reactor, my new Ezlo will remain in the box until I read that it has become more functional for me.


Feel free to contact us if you need any help setting up your controller.

Best regards from the customer care team!

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Are you working on porting the existing Harmony plugin over to Ezlo?

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Not that I’m aware of. The Harmony plugin for Vera is developed by a third-party, so I doubt it will be ported by our developers. That said, the integration request for the Logitech Harmony Hub/Remotes is listed here under WiFi Integrations:

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