Updates for EZLogic - 1.33.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.33.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: 1.32.1

1. NuCAL page. UI changes
We updated NuCAL page and search on the page.

To manage your enrollment click “settings” button.
For now, you could change the name or delete an enrollment.

2. Set Variable in Local MeshBot
We added ability to set action button, scalable, color and token variable types in Set Variable node.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed “not found” devices on Local MeshBot page.
  • Fixed variables/expressions in Trigger section on Local MeshBot page.
  • Fixed NuCAL node input fields values after True/False tabs switch on Local MeshBot page.



Still unable to “Delete Enrollment” for these two Open Weather Nucal items.

Nothing happens they are not removed.

@cw-kid it works on our end. Can we check with your account ?

Sure login and see if you can delete those two Open Weather Nucal accounts for me.


Any plans for us to be able to use local meshbot variables in action exceptions?

Just want to clarify a couple bugs I still see.

  1. Cannot delete certain LUA scripts. Local (iPhone app) or via ezlogic.mios.com GUI. Gets an error “Anonymous plugin acquired!”
  2. Cannot delete virtual switches created. Cannot delete from GUI or app interfaces. Easy to add them but can’t seem to delete them.

Not sure if these got logged into your bug tracker system.

Hello @curiousB,

The issue with the LUA scripts and the “Anonymous plugin acquired!” was escalated, reviewed, and resolved. The fix was included in a build that is being tested as a future firmware release.

The virtual switches problem is currently under investigation. However, we may have tools to remove virtual devices. If you want to remove a specific virtual device, please let us know through support@ezlo.com or send me a PM with the name of the device and I’ll take care of it.


The devs are aware and talking about adding a way to delete a virtual device in the web UI. Likely it will be under Settings - Devices - Function button on the device like it is for other devices.

In the mean time you can delete them using the Online API Tool.

Do a hub.devices.list query, in the response find the virtual device you want to delete and make a note of its ID number.

Then use the hub.device.force_remove command and that ID etc.


Thanks! Hadn’t thought of that option. That will work for the time being.

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Actually I just tried this myself and it does not seem to delete my virtual device using the API Tool for some reason.

So think we will have to use this delete device script in SSH command line instead for now.

I just wanted to ask what the plans are with the data logging function. I found some older entries (ECS-323, ECS-267, ECS-194) on this subject. Should we combine these into a new feature request? Is there a timetable for when this feature will be installed?

Where would the data be stored? Would the internal memory easily suffice for this (are actually just a few numerical values) or would that be outsourced to the cloud? Perhaps an external memory could also be specified (USB stick or NAS).

An easily configurable interface would be great, where you can view the values ​​in real time and customize the display (period, chart type, etc., overlay several series of measurements from different devices, etc.). An export as a dashboard tile would also be great.

It would also be cool if the data obtained from this could also be used for MeshBots. For example, define the average temperature value of the day or other period as an expression, or carry out an action if switch XY is pressed more than 10 times a day.

It should also be possible to specify how often the data is collected/stored. For example, temperature data from device XY every 10 minutes, humidity every 20 minutes, etc.

Hi @Odysee,

We appreciate you taking the time to give feedback that helps us provide the best user experience possible and improve every day.

I’ll summarize this feature request below before communicating it to development, and I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to add.

Data sources:

  • Device broadcasts
  • Sensor data
  • Switch on/off states
  • Thermostat values, etc.


  • Ability to configure data logging period
  • Storage location
  • Device or device category selection to be logged


  • Ability to display logged data on the dashboard
  • Exporting


  • Ability to use logged data such as average of values or number of event occurrence in MeshBot triggers

The summary fits quite well. That’s all I can think of at the moment, but maybe others have a few ideas/suggestions on how best to solve this or what else you can do with it.

Talking about logging and graphing, I like to see a plugin to export the data from the Ezlo hub to InfluxDB time series database.

There was an InfluxDB third party plugin for the Veta formware hubs.

OK I tried it too and cannot delete a virtual switch.

I am unwilling to log into my device via SSH to get a command line and execute from there. I don’t believe any operation should be that cryptic for these devices. I consider using the online API tool the upward end of complexity for me.

So its back to you EZLO… You were good enough to add a creation of virtual switches via simple means. The delete device system needs to be able to delete virtual switches as well. That seemed an obvious user requirement (i.e. if you can create something you should be able to delete it as well) but ergo here it is.

Deleting virtual devices should be coming to the web UI at some point.

Only way currently to delete them it seems is via command line.

Its not too difficult use the putty app for Windows connect to the IP of the controller login with root and the password on the sticker and then follow the delete script instructions.

You can find the ID number of the device you want to delete in the API Tool hub.devices.list query.

Hello @curiousB

Quick update: The build that contains the fix was just announced as a Beta:

This is fixed in Beta !!

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OK so I went the SSH route and was able to delete the two virtual switches I didn’t need. It forced me to use Putty and SSH into the device log in as root and then create /tmp directory to copy the remove command to. I then executed it successfully on the two device id’s.

I tried to delete the /tmp directory after I was done but got an error so I don’t know if the copied files are still there or not.

The virtual switches are now missing in the iPhone app and the device section of the ezlogic.mios.com device area. But they still show up in the dashboard section of the ezlogic.mios.com GUI. Not sure why they persist there. I did do a reboot of EZLO and re-logged into ezlogic.mios.com but the now missing virtual switches are still showing on the dashboard.

Lastly this is far too cryptic a way to manage the device. If the target market is to bring home automation to the masses, Linux command line shells is not the way to get there. Those are the techie fringe users and aren’t a big enough population to get this to a critical mass marketplace.

Bottom line, a GUI based “remove virtual switch” function is needed to complement the create virtual switch recently added in.

I use a Windows application called WinSCP to connect to Linux devices like the Ezlo hub, its like Windows explorer. You can more easily manage and delete / create files and folders for example.

Regarding the Dashboard try deleting your browsers cache and data.

Your using Chrome browser ?

You might have to delete the local DB for the Ezlo dashboard, that will definitely fix it.