Updates for EZLogic - 1.27.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.27.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: 1.26.1

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Fixed icon sizes on MeshBot page:
    Comment: Updates for EZLogic - 1.26.1 (Ezlo Hubs only) - #2 by curiousB
    Before (Mozilla):

    After (Mozilla):

  2. Fixed validation schema for password field:

  3. Fixed Device Settings page crash for devices with missing “valueType” property.



The dashboard display errors now seem to be fixed. However, the color of the new battery symbol is somewhat unfortunate: light gray on white is not so easy to see.


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Hi @Odysee

We’ll have that reported right away, thank you for pointing it out.

I again observed some out of sync values in the web frontend.

The Dashboard shows 29.4°C while the Expression shows 27.6°C (the last value is right as Vera App shows the same).

Solarpumpe shows as on at the Dashboard while it’s off in reality.

So there are still problems with the dashboard that sometimes the values are not updated. However, the values in the expressions seem to be reliably synchronized.

I watched the whole thing again with my Android Phone (LTE, Chrome Browser):
Here the values in the dashboard are correct (in contrast to the Windows PC with Chrome Browser).

Try deleting the dashboard database in the Chrome browser in the PC.

In Chrome go to Developer Tools, Applications, IndexedDB

The values have now been updated again. I deleted the database anyway. Does that fix the bug permanently now, or do you have to do that (and clear the cache) every time a new version comes out?

Dont know, monitor it and let us know when it stops working again.

It happened again! Some values didn’t refresh anymore. After deleting the database the values are correct again.



There has to be a solution to this somehow. Why aren’t all values affected and why are the values reliably updated under Expressions and not in the dashboard?

Maybe it has something to do with the updates of the dashboard? At least it seems to me that this always happens after an update.

Hi @Odysee ,

The scenario didn’t replicate for us. Variables are updated by reading the items the device reports to the controller, which allows it to be adjusted to the actual reported value.

Please let us know the next time it occurs (without deleting the dashboard database) so we can replicate and identify the reason for the value mismatch.


This morning the values are wrong again.



Solarwasser and Pollwasser temperature are wrong while Luft temperature is correct (all from the same device Fibaro Smart Implant).

The values for Solarwasser and Luft have meanwhile been updated on the dashboard, but are now lagging behind again. The pool water value has not been updated.


Hi @Odysee ,

Thank you for letting me know.
We will investigate further.