Ezlo - Site Sensor Plugin is on the marketplace!

Hi everyone,

Our new plugin for Ezlo controllers, the Site Sensor plugin is now available on the marketplace. You can install it on your controller and start using it immediately.

The Site Sensor plugin is used to periodically make requests to a remote site.

With the Site Sensor plugin, you can configure a site to send requests to with an interval of your choosing, and create a sensor device for that site. You can then set actions based on the response you receive. These actions can be based on a certain response, or lack thereof.

To add this plugin to your controller, navigate to the Edge Plugins menu, and then to the Marketplace tab. Click the “Copy to my Ezlo” button and confirm your action in the following popup window.

Then navigate to the My Private Plugins tab, and click the Manage Installations button for the Site Sensor plugin. In the following popup window, click the Install button corresponding to your controller. Once the installation is complete, you will see a confirmation message in the top right corner.

You can now configure this plugin by clicking the Configure button. Give a name to the device to be generated by this plugin, specify the request interval and the URL to send the request. You can also

  • Specify the HTTP method under Request Type,
  • Provide username and password credentials if logging in is required
  • Provide HTTP header, data, and content type if needed.

Click Save New Configure when done. You will see a confirmation message that the configuration has been saved successfully and that the device has been successfully added.

You can then navigate to the Devices list and see that your device has been created.

You can now use this device in your MeshBot automations.

Feel free to share your feedback here.

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What is the default polling interval in seconds?


EDIT: It appears to be 60 seconds.

I still use Vera controllers. On one of them I use the brilliant SiteSensor plugin of @rigpapa to retrieve weatherdata of my PWS and weather forecasts from Wunderground in my Vera Plus controller.
Because Vera is EOL I’m curious if this new Site Sensor plugin with Ezlo has the same functionality including having all weatherdata in seperate sensordevices (like temlp, hum, wind, rain).
Does someone here test this and has it working ???


Weather monitoring can be achieved on Ezlo controllers using NuCAL, which is a plugin that allows you to use multiple integrations with an extended variety of applications. However, we’re currently experiencing an issue with plugin installations on ezlogic.mios.com. We’ll get back and let you know how NuCAL works for weather monitoring as soon as the fix is deployed.

@slapfrost Thanks for your reply. NuCal is not an option for me. I don’t want to be dependent on external cloud servers, only if really needed (like getting the weatherforecast from Wunderground as I do now with the SiteSensor plugin on Vera.

So I repeat my question: can the new Ezlo plugin SiteSensor do this including loading the data into virtual (weather) sensors ??

We have a specific plugin for “IP” protocol where you can communicate with any other device (locally or on the net) as long as they are using the http(s) protocol. Let me know if you can’t do what you need with this pls.

You can watch this video done by one of our users.

More examples


used to be called WiFi plugin but its renamed to “IP Device Generator Plugin”