Inverted logic in meshbot

I have a meshbot that is triggered by a device turning off (state going to false) then in the action it delays 5 seconds and turns it itself back on (state to true).

The trigger is firing on the turning on of the device and not the turning off. Weird. I have done this before so I thin it is something that has gotten broken in newer releases.

If I invert the trigger by making it NOT the meshbot operates properly as expected/desired. If I try to change the trigger from false to true the save button doesn’t light up so I can’t save it.

So a few things wrong here. The save button lighting up is a recurring problem from >1 year ago I thought was fixed but I guess only fixed for certain cases.

I don’t mean to be critical but this is pretty basic stuff guys…

This version works properly (note the trigger state had disappeared!!!:

There is also some problems in how this saves. Anyway I have to move on and have no more debug time to spend on this basic 101 issue. I suspect the logic saved is different to what is displayed. Maybe a meshbot file corruption or something???

@curiousB we will have a look at this issue immediately.

I’ve just re-created your rule and tested it and you are correct.

I see exactly the same problem.

The rule is not triggered when the trigger is set to Switch = False

And therefore the action is not run after the 5 second delay to turn the same switch back on again.

However if you select NOT in the trigger instead, then it does run the rules action after 5 seconds of you turning off the switch.

Yes I think you also found out it doesn’t work on the false condition but works on the inverted triggered condition. I found this out by adding a different device for the action and the rule worked exactly inverted. Weird.


This problem should be fixed now?

I just tested it again at my end and it seems to be working now as expected.

Please let me know.

I’m still on the old main release

For some reason I was dropped off of the beta release stream.

Have asked to be moved to Beta program again but no response from Ezlo Staff yet

Dont think it was a firmware fix. It was a web Ui fix / update. Mine is version 1.63.1

Not sure if web UI updates are linked to the beta enrollment however.