Ezlo Weather and OpenWeather - Now with more data!

Hi everyone,

We have updated our native Ezlo Weather integration as well as our OpenWeather integration, latter of which you can use if you have an API key, to expand their capabilities, which means you can make use of an increased number of parameters for your MeshBot automations!

The new parameters include, in addition to temperature,

  • Feels like temperature
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures for the day
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Weather description, e.g., Clear
  • Wind speed
  • As well as information on your selected location like its coordinations, if you like

To use the Ezlo Weather or OpenWeather integration, head into MeshBot automations and add it as an action. From there, you can assign any value provided by Ezlo Weather or OpenWeather to a cloud variable for use with your other MeshBots using our drag & drop interface.


Thanks for adding this functionality.

I tried creating a Notification Meshbot for a freeze warning but when I select “NuCAL” from the Node Type dropdown I get “Error” next to it and cannot proceed.

Hello Chuck,

Can you please include a screenshot of the Meshbot setup and the error you’re getting?

Here you go.

Hello Chuck,

We were able to replicate this on v 1.42.2 of Ezlogic. Before we go ahead and report this, can you try to set up the notification as a cloud Meshbot with a notification action?


Select a Cloud Automation Meshbot from the Meshbot type list.

Add a Notification action with a Cloud variable as a trigger

The cloud variable in there you will have to create by outputting the result of an EzloWeather request to that variable. In order to do this, create another test meshbot just to get the service started (you can do a cloud or local automation meshbot for this matter)

Under the action tab, select a NuCal action, select the EzloWeather or OpenWeather service, and select the account that you have set up from the Integration > NuCal tab on Ezlogic.

Select the Get Weather By City Name method. Enter your city name and temperature format

Scroll down and select Save output to cloud variable

Then, drag the main_Temp field from the json object into the field to the right

Then click on Test your variables

This should initiate your service and create a variable for you to use as a trigger in a cloud meshbot. You should be able to compare the value of that variable to 0 °C to get a freezing alert.

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Thank you for this reply.

Before I try your suggestion can you tell me if the ‘error’ is just a bug or has the feature not been implemented?

If not implemented do you (Ezlo) plan to support NuCal in Notification Meshbots and if so how soon - ball park figure?

It should be a bug. We’re going to be reporting this and deliver a fix soon.

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