Wish List to Switch from Vera Secure to Ezlo Secure

Hello Folks,

I just wanted to chime in and also see if there is a chance that I will be able to make the switch from Vera Secure to Ezlo Secure sometime in the future. Here is my wish list:

  1. :triangular_flag_on_post: [MOST IMPORTANT]: Control4 integration. I have all my lights and security sensors in Vera Secure and currently integrate with Control4 to allow it to control Vera devices from the Control4 UI and Navigators. I cannot switch without this.
  2. :yellow_circle: [VERY IMPORTANT]: Support for NuTone NWD500Z, NWT00Z, NWS15Z, and NLB60Z_ZWA. These are all discontinued products, but I own over 50 of them all together.
  3. Support for Fibaro FGD-212 dimmer module.
  4. Support for Vision Z-Wave Micro Switch. I have 10 of these.
  5. Various other Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus devices that are newer and so would expect that they will have no problems.
  6. Iris Security Keypad (Zigbee) A.K.A CentraLite 3405-L.
  7. Ability to create Virtual Switches. I use these with Control4 integration, in conjunction with the House Modes plugin, to be able to change the house modes from Control4.
  8. It would be nice to have a fully functional Hikvision Camera plugin/integration with ability to record, but it is not necessary as they are in Control4 currently.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there are any questions or if I should be voting up certain features somewhere.

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I know there are several other threads you can find talking about a possible migration tool from Vera to the new ezlo platform, along with several asking which device integrations users would like to see on the ezlo side.
Ideas about how to Migrate Vera FW to Ezlo FW
Can I migrate from Vera hardware to Ezlo?
Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the EZLO PLATFORM please

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Hi @OtisPreslsy

As informed by @VeraGator, you can make those integration requests here:

Also, the option to restore backups from Vera on Ezlo controllers is in the works at the moment:

Hopefully, the criteria you mentioned will be met some time soon for you to be able to migrate from Vera to Ezlo.

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Thank you @VeraGator and @Leandro!

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I need PLG functionality - without that, I cold not even consider switching!
I have too many hours invested in PLG to even consider re-doing it in another app (even it it could be duplicated)

Hi Mercer,

I suggest you create the feature request for PLG using this option available for all users here in the community:

That’s the best way for your feature and device integration requests, as well as bug reports to reach the development and engineering teams directly.



PLG, assume he means PLEG, (Program Logic Event Generator).

It the old 3rd party logic engine for Vera hubs.

As Ezlo are currently developing their own logic engine called EZLOgic there’s no need to create a feature request.

We have to hope EZLOgic is good enough to replace both PLEG and Reactor which is the other 3rd party logic engine for Vera hubs.

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By the time EZLogic™ comes to market, it will have to compete with Multi-System Reactor™ (currently in beta, but tantalizingly close to production release) – another powerhouse plug-in by the esteemed @rigpapa – which can create rules for various controllers, including Vera (working) and ezlo (TBA). The bar is set high!

Assuming MSR ever supports the Ezlo platform it might not. We don’t know yet and from what I’ve heard the new Ezlo APIs were not up to task yet.