Migrating from Vera Hardware to Ezlo Hardware

Happy to report, we have now found a technical way of doing that.
We can port all the zwave devices over to new Ezlo hardware (no pairing required).
For now, you might have to re-create the scenes.
Please bear in mind, this is very preliminary and not confirmed for it to be production ready.
Just reporting from our engineering labs as it is. It might not fully work, we are still finalizing…fingers crossed though…


Thanks, that sounds promising.


This is good news.

I have a lot of hardware invested in Mysensors. What are the chances of Ezlo and MySensors working together?

We want to provide Integration with all the commercially available devices
could you pls put a ticket in under “New Device Integration”
This way the request will go to our engineering department, they will schedule it (can’t guarantee times yet) but at least you will be able to track the progress through this portal.

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Consider it done. Thank you.

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Great news :grinning:
For me the question is: will it work on the configuration while my VeraPlus is like this

HouseID/Node: House: 0x017a9154 Node 29 Suc 29


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lets get the device integration requests working nicely with the internal team pls. like you guys have done for bug reporting…


You guys are awesome! Can’t wait until I can buy an Ezlo in Europe.


Hi @martin12345,
The European version of Atom V2 with EU freq just arrived…they will start shipping soon.


That’s great to hear… My Ezloplus is going to be delivered to me today. I will be waiting for the ability to port my z-wave devices (70+) from my VeraPlus instead of starting from scratch, which would be a real struggle.

I was hoping you might have some insight as to when the ability to do this will be available. If it’s going to be weeks, great!, If longer I may need to reconsider my strategy.

We have the POC (Proof of Concept) done and working in the labs. However it will take more than weeks to get it out there as a polished capability/feature.

Big smile and finger cross as well …
Looking forward to hear more

Do you know about EZLO plus running in European frecuency?

@save, Ezlo Plus will also be available in European version.


Hi @melih @Gabi
For my part I have a problem with the role of the controller which is already in a secondary role.
Why not go on a procedure for including the EzloPlus as a device on the Vera?
The idea being that he comes to hack the role of Vera to then recover the config and everything he needs to have the master role and the Vera becomes, whatever his role before, the secondary controller that we could keep or delete?

the way we have done is
Step 1: Ezlo becomes a secondary controller for Vera (you do that thru inclusion)
Step 2: Now Ezlo has access to all the devices and validated (need validation logic(?) )
Step 3: We do shift control to switch Ezlo into a primary role.
Step 4: Now the Migration is done (partly)
Some : Some cleaning to be done (like device names etc must be “translated” from Vera to Ezlo).
This is the POC we have…not fully completed yet.

Can the controller having the secondary role authorize another controller to be secondary? Feasible?

Don’t think so. But you can shift controller to make the secondary, primary…than this primary can “include” another secondary…

I will see when that will be available.
If that does not work I will leave with a brand new zwave installation on the EzloPlus

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These are great news.

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Wow, I excluded and included over 70 devices from my vera plus to my ezlo plus. It was an all day endeavor. Had 3 devices that had a great deal of trouble including to ezlo plus. Still testing things out (scenes, individual devices, etc.)

I think one device was bad and it was screwing up the node communication which in turn was causing scenes not to fire. Still working to confirm or refute this theory. Replaced one of the devices and the new device is working without a hitch, still waiting to see if this positively affects the scenes.

The other questionable devices seem to be working right now.

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