Migrating from Vera Hardware to Ezlo Hardware

I’m looking into my options on migrating to EzloPlus.

Current show stoppers:

  1. Missing BackUp/Restore
  2. Missing Associate Devices
  3. RFXcom plugin, will look into Broadlink?
  4. Missing Scene logic "“in between time interval” logic (fix with lua script?) or use new Multi Reactor

@Oleh , any ideas on above topics 1, 2 and 4 for time line planning?

Any ideas on replacing RFXcom with Broadlink? I’m not sure whether these devices use the same frequency.

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I will let @Oleh answer in full but here is what I know

  1. its almost finished coding
  2. same as 1
  3. they both look 433MHz frequency so should work in theory
  4. We are building a Web Based Ezlo Rule Engine should be ready in summer if not by summer should have this in hopefully.
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Multi System Reactor is 3rd party so Oleh won’t be able to answer your question 4.

As it stands Multi System Reactor currently only works with Vera hubs running Vera firmware using the “old” APIs.

It’s not clear if Multi System Reactor will ever be made to work with Ezlo hubs and Ezlo firmware and their “new” APIs.

Also as Melih just said Ezlo are developing their own native logic / rules engine.

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@rigpappa, Is it correct to assume you will not develop your current plugins for the Ezlo platform (which I would regret but fully understand)

Ezlo will release a web based Rule Engine that will take advantage of MESHENE.

Our intention is Rule Engine should give you all the capabilities that exist in PLEG, Reactor and even WebCore.
MESHENE will give you the ability to use multiple hubs as one. (MESHENE is an Ezlo invention that is patent pending)

Thanks, only one way to find out…

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That’s a nice challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be nice having the option to integrate Vera and Ezlo in one dashboard. This would make migration a lot more attractive. One can gradually move devices from old to new platform depending on ongoing new developments.

Yes please hold us to it. Of course it will delivered in steps (so the very first version will not have all this) but the aim of the development to reach that state. So pushing us towards that direction is much appreciated by showing us where we can improve.

Yes…we have a POC (proof of concept) where we can migrate the devices…lets see what we can do.

That’s not what I mean, I probably migrate my devices manually. It is about having a portal in which devices on a Vera and devices on a Ezlo can be managed from one view.

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That’s MESHENE…lets see if we can get it work with old Vera as well.(can’t promise).

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Didn’t catch this earlier… wrong username

I’m sure MSR will work with eZLO at some point. I’m not sure what the need will be for the other plugins.

Were you aware that Hubitat can mesh its controllers? Apparently that’s been out for some time.

Yes I am aware of what technology is available.

Were you aware of it, when I told you about MESHENE?

Thanks, clear.

I use switchboard plugin but can replace it with some manually created virtual devices.
Honeywell plugin (which you fixed) can be replaced by VOI
Sonos can be replaced by VOI for the scenarios I use it in.

Although I prefer local plugins I don’t mind using VOI for less critical scenarios. In time maybe a developer will come up with new local plugins.

Once they have support for migrating the ZWave devices and someone makes an Ezlo integration with Home Assistant I’ll make the move. I only use Vera as a ZWave hub all the control layers are over in HA for me. Vera is much more stable when you have hundreds of Zwave devices, hoping Ezlo is even more so.

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Hello Mike,

Question. I integrated HA with my Vera Plus controller. I can see the Vera’s entities but no devices.

I may be blind but can’t seem to find out why. How did you manage to use your Vera devices?


No sure what devices you mean? I have a couple hundred Vera entities that are my switches and dimmers.

Thanks for the fast response Mike.

Sorry. Devices such as dimmers, switches, on/off plugs, thermostats, tilt sensor, water leak sensors, etc. I can see them all in HA under Entities but nothing shows up under HA Devices. Correct me if I am wrong but in order to create scenes and automations in HA, I need to see the devices. Correct?

You only need the entity ID like switch.living_room. Look at developer tools and you can see all the available entities, in some cases an integration might make multi tole entities per device. For example, a lock will usually have a lock.front_door, sensor.battery_level, binary_sensor.battery_low. Devices are a grouping but have no purposes in scripting or automaton.

Got it.