EZLO Plus/Secure Bridging Feature?

I am curious as to whether or not the new EZLO line will support bridging units (masters/slaves) over LAN similar to the Vera’s bridging feature. This feature allows for z-wave devices to be controlled by 1 unit/scene that are well over the z-wave network’s distance limitations. Personally, I have separate buildings on my property (each with a Vera unit) that are all controlled by one main Vera without any distance issues or latency because the buildings are networked together via ethernet or point-to-point WiFi systems.

I would love to see this feature included on the new EZLO devices if possible. As far as I know, the Vera line was the only brand of automation system that offered this feature and for setups similar to mine, it’s really the only option.


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totally needed capability! coming…

Feature request for this option:

I believe from reading earlier threads that this feature is already planned, and is being called “MESHENE”. See Migrating from Vera Hardware to Ezlo Hardware and Clarification of forum contributors being banned.

You are correct.

This would be great to have since a couple of my devices are in my attic for home maintenance and storing holiday items. They are not the easiest to get to for unpairing/pairing.

Will it support using bridging from an Ezlo Plus to a vera plus, for example?


I doubt it, what you thinking?

There is already a third party plugin for Ezlo to bridge all the real devices on a Vera hub to virtual / mirrored devices on the Ezlo hub.