Why is my controller showing offline on the Web UI?

This behavior is normal since the new Ezlo controllers do not currently have a WebUI.**EDIT we now have a webUI https://ezlogic.mios.com/ ** The access can be achieved through the VeraMobile app as intended.


We are developing a brand new Web UI for the Ezlo controllers, which should be available in the Beta stage in the summer of 2021.

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The Ezlo Atom doesn’t say Offline. When you attempt to connect it then tells you

“You can use Atom to control your home only with VeraMobile app. Please visit the App Store or Google Play and install it now.”

Not sure why you didn’t either make them both say Offline or to make them both display that message when you click the connect button.

Lots of users have been asking why does it say offline for the Ezlo Plus.

But for the Ezlo Atom it doesn’t say offline.

@cw-kid, Thank you for your feedback.

Atom and PlugHub were never meant to have a web UI, so they just show that on the web UI when you attempt to connect to them from there. Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure are meant to eventually get their own web UI, which is why until that happens they will show offline when connecting to your account through the web UI.

Fair enough. I just thought some temporary explanation on the gateway Web page for the Plus / Secure controllers would of stopped some of the confusion.

That’s a great idea, and I have passed it down to the team in charge to see if they can implement that disclaimer on the web UI instead of just an offline status and they informed me it’s being worked on.

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I have been a vera user for the past 8 years (through Vera 2, Vera 3 etc). During that time I have written a number of lua scripts which significantly enhance the experience. However, without a web ui I can’t load all of my lua code. This is a major limitation.

Also, without a web ui the unit is not readily accessible (The IOS app only is accessible duuring a few hours a day). Is there any hope of getting this operable in the near future?


Hello @JackStewart,
There are plans to develop a new WebUI for Ezlo controllers. Right now, the project is in the beta phase. More information can be found here.
In the meantime, you can manage your scripts using the API. Please check this article.
Finally, your controller should be accessible through the VeraMobile app all the time. If you are experiencing any issue with the access, please send us an email at support@ezlo.com.


Can you send me the link?


Hello @JackStewart,
The WebUI can be found at ezlogic.mios.com.
Please note this is a beta version so many functionalities may be missing or not working as expected.

I’ve been a GetVera user since Veralite and MiCasaVerde. I just purchased this Ezlo Secure because of the speed. Had I known that there was no web UI, I never would have purchased it. I despise working off of a phone to program a device. Slow, clunky, and flat out sad. I feel that nothing changes in vera and now ezlo. This faithful user is probably going to bow out after spending 300 dollars on this pathetic paperweight.

we do have a web UI since Oct 2021.

Thank you

Initial write up on this is here: but there has been much more added to functionality.
You can do all your automation in this web interface…it also has a dashboard for displaying device status.


A year ago I asked the status of the WebGUI. I was told that it was a beta version and may be missing functionality. Now, running the webgui version 1.4.1 I am having the same problems. I cannot connect to the Ezlo plus through the webGUI. It still shows offline. I can connect using the Mobile GUI. When will the web GUI be able to access the ezloPlus?

Its live

That’s the link I’m using… but my controllers all show off-line

Hello Jack,

Your eZLO Plus currently is offline, would you mind checking it once more and verify that everything is connected correctly? if so, please just to a regular power cycle to the unit.


Thanks for your help. The controller was power cycled and us showing a solid blue bar. However, it shows offline on the website and Vera mobile. Everything is connected correctly. Please help.

Still hoping for help/insight!!!

Hello @JackStewart

We are sorry to keep you waiting, we’ll create a support ticket to help you resolve the problem.

Another update. I am running version 1.6.1 UI and I have 3 vera plus units and 1 enzlo plus. It shows the units on the UI but says they are all disconnected. It that what you would expect? Should only the enzlo plus show connected (but doesn’t)?

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I have the same experience.
Did you make any progress?