Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.14.2 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.14.2 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.13.1


  1. Expressions page. Updates

    1. Ability to select source/target controller
    2. Expression value
    3. Error message for broken expressions
      Ability to refer for devices’ items in the Lua Code.
    4. Select device.
    5. Then select device’s capability (item)
    6. Press “Add device reference” button
      Then we will automatically add reference in the end of Lua Code.
    7. List of references, provided to Lua Code

  1. Vidoo as a Trigger

Added “any” values. Also we improve performance for Local Meshbot and Vidoo node.

You can specify camera and it’s hotzone:

We added Object and Face detection as a Trigger:

3. NuCAL (Services) as an Action
Now you can enroll to the service (we are going to provide more services soon) and use it as an Action.
Let’s see how to use Google Sheets.
To create a spreadsheet using MeshBot you should do the following:
Go to Local MeshBot page

  1. Select a NuCAL in Action
  2. Select Google Sheets service
  3. Select an Account
    3.1 If you don’t have account yet, press “Add Account” button and go through authentication flow, opened in a new tab.
    3.2 Select existing account
  4. Select method
  5. Fill required fields

6. Save and use MeshBot!

Another example, if you want to add a worksheet to existing spreadsheet you should do the following:

  1. Find ID of existing spreadsheet (for now, you can extract it from URL)
  2. Fill required fields

Known issues:

  1. If you see:

    It means you got “Request Timeout” API error. We are working on it and will fix it soon.
  2. NuCAL page is under development.

Great work guys! Keep it coming!


One step closer! Interestingly, all(?) my devices from my Vera Plus are now showing up in the dashboard - although they aren’t updating with the correct status. Not sure what’s going on there. My first thought was that it was the voi_control NuCAL integration partially working, such that the devices that Alexa could see were showing up…but then I realized that a WiFi device that is only on alexa wasn’t showing up, so maybe voi_control has nothing to do with it? Dunno :man_shrugging:

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Seems to be down for me:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Same here now. Maybe they’re fixing things? :slight_smile:

It’s back up now.

Same for me I can see all my devices from my Vera Plus now in the Dynamic Dashboard.

Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.14.3

  1. Lua Scripts in Actions.
    It is possible to create new Lua Script in Actions:

    1. Input Lua Script name
    2. Provide Lua code
    3. Click “Save Script” button. It is necessary to save script before usage for now.

And use existing Lua Scripts:

  1. Select existing Lua Script
  2. Check Lua code
  3. Script can be edited by “Edit Script” button


Great it seems to be working OK for me.

We just need some good examples now of “Ezlo” Lua scripts, as we can’t just copy and paste our existing Lua scripts from Vera firmware hubs.


You said the devices on the dashboard from your Vera firmware hub aren’t updating status.

However can you actually control any of those Vera devices via the dashboard tiles?

Apparently not. The controls change, but (for example) the light doesn’t actually turn on.

Also, all my DSC plugin devices show up as motion sensors. Which I could probably work with, that is if they actually worked… :slight_smile:

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All of these new device tiles that have appeared from Vera firmware hubs are dead for me, no control and no status feedback.

It has also imported some Vera firmware 3rd party plugin devices but not all of them. I can now see some tiles on the dashboard relating to the following Vera plugins, Harmony, WOL with Ping, MSW Weather, RGBW Controller etc.

Also no Vera firmware hubs appear in the dashboard filters in the Controllers section. I think this was possibly unintended for these devices to appear at this time. This has happened before also in the past, where devices from Vera firmware hubs were visible on the Ezlo Dynamic Dashboard.

Ideally in the longer term we would like for devices from Vera firmware hubs to appear into the Ezlo system, in to the dashboard and into meshbot rules etc. I could then stop using Rene’s bridge plugin and not bridge over any devices and instead allow their system to natively make them appear.

However I would have two feature requests if this is to happen with official support.

  1. Ability to block a Controller and all of its devices from appearing in to the Ezlo system if desrired. For example my Vera Edge is a 100% test hub and I wouldn’t want any of its devices to appear at all into the Ezlo System.

  2. Ability to pick and choose which devices from a Vera firmware hub are allowed to appear into the Ezlo system, for example on my production Vera Plus I would want most of its devices to appear on the Ezlo System, but there are certain devices I would want to block and restrict from appearing and would not want those to be seen on the Ezlo dashboard / meshbots etc.


You can probably use Rene’s Vera to Ezlo Bridge plugin here, to get your DSC devices from your Vera controller into the Ezlo system and they will work that way.

That’s assuming the DSC Vera plugin adds its devices as standard Vera device types.

I for example have AltHue Vera plugin devices (Philips Hue Lights) on my Ezlo Plus and they work via the bridge plugin.

We are not supporting Vera devices for now. As you stated you can use bridge plugin. The devices showing is a bug I see

Thanks for confirming that’s what I thought. Hopefully in the future then support for devices still paired to Vera firmware hubs to be presented into the Ezlo system.

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Yeah, probably, but I’m trying to avoid “band-aid” fixes (even good ones!) in favor of keeping my Ezlo installation as “pure” as possible (though I did cave and install MSR recently…) until such a time as I can move over 100%. From what I’ve seen/heard, I’m hopeful that the Ezlo team will be able to get at least a Beta version of the DSC plugin out in the next month or two, which I think will be the tipping point for me. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Well I can recommend the bridge plugin it works well for me. Good to have options.

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I just had an idea:

Is it possible to combine several thermostats into one virtual one, so that one controls all radiators with one virtual controller?

have you tried the Virtual Container capability in EZLogic? (you can create a Virtual device and link it to properties of as many devices as you want).

I’m not sure how the Virtual Container is configured. But It seems like I can realize something like

  • If temperature of TRV A is set to value X the set TRV B to value X
  • If temperature of TRV B is set to value X the set TRV A to value X

So if the temperature of one of these thermostats is changed then the temperature of all termostats is changed to the same value.

But what I want is to create a viritual thermostat in the Dashboard that controls a group of thermostats. Something like this: