Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.14.2 (Ezlo Hubs only)

ah…create One Tile that controls 3 different devices… (we call each one a Tile…and a Dashboard is made up of Tiles)…

we will enable so that you can link one tile to multiple devices

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I have yet to see this working. I add an action, select NuCAL in the action, select voi_control (since that is what I want to use), press “Add Account” button…and nothing happens. Literally nothing. No errors, no authentication, nothing.

I guess this feature isn’t quite ready yet :frowning:

try it with Google sheet…(to test to make sure NuCAL is working in your account)

Well, I wouldn’t say it was working well, but it did work. First, I got this:

Then, after clicking through the advanced section to say it was OK, it brought me back to the meshbot, where I got this:
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 7.18.45 AM
So still no account listed (at this point). After going out and back in, my account then showed up, and I was able to set up the action.

So yeah, that works…mostly. Bit rough around the edges still though.

Also, any possibility of a Google Calendar integration for triggers (or, better yet, a calendar type scheduling option in Ezlogic) so I can easily schedule my thermostat temp changes in a calendar like interface? :slight_smile:

yes we can put this integration…
but note that this will be “cloud dependancy” (relying on cloud for a trigger)…and need to wait till when we put NuCAL in “Trigger” section (soon) as well…

In terms of warning…yes…we’ll sort…thanks.

Sure, which is why I said having a calendar type scheduler for Ezlogic would be even better :slight_smile:

That said, it doesn’t have to be “relying on cloud for a trigger”. You could simply cache the entries locally every so often (update interval could be configurable, and even have an “update now” button for when you know something has changed), and trigger off the local cache. That way, even if the internet/cloud was down, it could still work. In my day job I have set up any number of services which “rely” on remote data in this way, allowing them to continue functioning properly even when the remote service is not available, and I’m fairly certain this is how the existing google calendar plugin for Vera works.

All of which is good, and I appreciate it, but it doesn’t help with the fact that the voi_control integration does nothing when clicking the “add account” button.

So yeah, between the rough edges on what does work, and the complete lack of functionality on other integrations, it definitely appears that NuCAL integration remains firmly in the “coming soon” category. :slight_smile: Good steps, but not there yet! :+1:

So linking to multiple devices is not yet possible (before I look for it unnecessarily)?

I played around with the tile designer a bit and noticed the following:

The filter function doesn’t seem to work. When I select a room, no more devices are displayed.

You can merge tile fields using the plus symbol. But how do you separate them afterwards?

Another thing I noticed:

I’ve created a new tile on a new dashboard

  • widget: mode selector with 0.5 steps and link to one of my thermostats (setpoint_heating)

Seems to work so far with the following strange behavior.

  • If I change the temperature on this tile nothing happens at the thermostat side.
  • If I change the temperature on the corresponding tile on the dynamic dashboard, the change is executed by the temostat.
  • If I change the temperature on the Vera app to 21.5 °C the custom tile changes to 21.0 °C (even if I set 0.5 as step) and a second later ther Vera app also changes to 21.0 °C.
  • When I unlink the custom tile I can set 21.5 °C on the Vera App and it stays at 21.5 °C.