Updates for EZLogic - 1.0.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.0.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.15.1

Features :
1. NuCAL in Actions:
We added icons (1), Service name (2), Category (3), info icon (4) and service details (5).

We implemented ApiKey, Basic and Bearer authentication types.
All of them have the same UI: dialog and token input.
Please, pay attention and read authentication instructions. We will provide more examples with different services soon.
Let’s setup SimpleKPI service, which has Basic authentication.
Go to SimpleKPI.
Manage My → Settings → Developer API. Enable access and copy the token.

Than compose email address with token as on the image and press “Set token” button

After that you should wait for a few seconds and will be able to use exposed API

Please, let us know which services you wish to use in MeshBots primarily.

2. NuCAL page
In case if you have multiple integrations/accounts you will see increment in names, like “Google Sheets”, “Google Sheets 2” etc. We added “edit” button and you could set your name for the account.
Click edit (2) button, provide the title (3) and click save (4) button. Then, title will be changed.

In further releases we will expose more info about accounts.

3. Plugins page
We provided “Manage Installations” and “Devices” columns for “My private plugins” table.
In top right corner of Manage Installations cell you can see the number of controller, which have this plugin.
In top right corner of Devices you can see the number of Devices generated by the plugin.

In addition, we changed behavior for “Delete” button.
You need to confirm you would like to remove the plugin itself and all generated devices by the plugin.

4. Expressions page
Add filtering for devices dropdown in Expressions page

5. Variables in Triggers
You can compare device’s item value with Value, Expression or Variable now.
Variables page released under Beta 0.15.1 .

6. Follow function in Triggers
The FOLLOW function provides the ability to delay the reset of the Trigger (TrueFalse transition). The function block keeps the True state of a trigger for a specified duration, after the condition of a trigger is no longer satisfied.
NOTE: The FOLLOW function state is not saved between the MeshBot service restarts, so, the function operator should not be used to handle large periods of time like hours and days.

7. Date and Time. Once
It is possible to run MeshBot only Once.
Go to Local MeshBot page, select Date and Time node (1), select Once (2) and specify the time and date (3).

You may noticed that we removed the "Beta" word since the current version. With each further release, we will provide not only new features, but also a better quality. Please let us know if you are facing any issues.



Alexa Integration. Specifically, making announcements on all devices.

Nice. Now just get rid of the day/month/year section (or make it optional), and you will be able to trigger a meshbot at a specific time each day (or specific days of the week when combined with a “Days of the Week” or the like trigger) - a basic capability that is currently missing :slight_smile:

Overall, good progress! Congratulations on moving out of beta!

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How do you use NuCAL. I’m not seeing anything listed when I select it. I tried searching for Smart Things because I say that mentioned on an early post and nothing. Should the page be empty?

Plugins - how do I get the Ecobee plugin to appear if there is one. One was mentioned in an earlier port.

great progress guys! Keep it coming.

You set it up in the action section of the MeshBot setup. Simply select NuCAL as the action type, then you can select which integration you want to use.

Once you have set up one or more actions this way, the NuCAL integrations used will show up on the NuCAL page, allowing you to edit them.

After clicking on Plugins–>Edge Plugins in the side bar, you can click on the “Marketplace” tab up top to see a list of available plugins.

Note that apparently all versions of a plugin are listed here, not just the latest, at least at the moment. Arguably that should probably be “fixed”…

Thank you for the quick and detailed reply.

I tried to use Ecobee. I pressed Add Account, entered my credentials and got the verification code on SMS. I entered that code and got “UNAUTHORIZED An unexpected error during user profile exchange”. I guess this is an example of not supporting MFA yet?

I just tried to add an action/device to a existing automation but there are several fields missing:

I’m just able so select a device, but I’m not able to make a setting.

Try refreshing the browser and try again

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Thanks! It works now.

Another thing:

I’ve added a mode selector widget and edited the properties. With the arrow up/down buttons to set the step everything works fine. But If I’m trying to write a value directly to the input box the web page doesn’t react anymore.

I’ve created a tile with a mode selector widget, set the step to 0.5 and linked it a Thermostat setpoint_heating. When I change the temperature on the tile nothing happens (checked it on the vera app). When I change the temperature on the vera app to 21.5, the temperature on the tile displays 21 instead of 21.5 and a second later the temperature on the vera app changes also to 21.