Kwikset Lock and Ezlo Plus (Series 700 chip)

Will the Ezlo Plus work with a Kwikset Z-Wave door lock?

Hello @JackStewart,
Ezlo Plus is supporting a wide range of Kwikset Locks.
Which model do you have?

I have a qwikset. It installs as generic. The lock works, however I can’t use it to trigger anything, and I am getting notifications on lock and unlock even when it is not armed.

Hello @JackStewart,
You can see the Z-Wave compatibility list for Ezlo controllers here.
At the moment, we have the Kwisets 888, 914C, and 916 fully integrated. Other models will be integrated soon.
If you have a different model, you can try to pair it by following the instructions here.

Hello @Grwebster,
You can see an answer to your issue here.

Hi Oscar

Thanks for the information. I think I have a KWIKSET 910 and 912. The point is to see if Ezlo can support my existing configuration. It makes no sense to move up from Vera Plus to a controller what will not support the majority of devices. However, the jury is still out as you continue to support more devices.



I checked I have 3 KWIKSET 910 locks, Reluctant to upgrade if you can’t get them to work.


I have four Kwikset 914 locks (the packages do not say 914C). They work great with Vera Plus. I’m ready to move forward with 700 series devices, so I bought an Ezlo Secure. I have not deployed it yet because I’m not certain everything I currently have will work (like Kwikset devices and 3rd party plug-ins). I’m also waiting on a Web IU. I know they’re working on it.

Unfortunately, this model is not integrated. Please note if the device is not fully integrated into our controllers, it doesn’t mean it is incompatible, but some features may not be available.

In that case, I kindly invite you to use our Community Feature and Bug Tracker tool to send an integration request for this model of door locks. In that way, the development team will take it into account for future updates.
You can find more information about it here and here.

Hello @Lonestar10,
Your Kwikset 914 should be pair and work properly with the new Ezlo controllers. If you have any problem with the device, please let us know at
I highly recommend checking our FAQ page here so you can know our currently available features and the ones in the development process.

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