Ezlo Community Feature Request and Bug Tracker Tracker is here

Hello everyone,

By popular demand, our product team has decided to create a public bug tracker for the Vera Community.

Ezlo Community Bug Tracker

You can help improve Vera and Ezlo products and services by reporting issues and feature requests in the Ezlo Community Bug Tracker. The Bug Tracker contains a list of pending technical tasks across a variety of topics, information relevant to those tasks, and information about progress on those tasks, including which ones might get worked on in the short term.

Ezlo Community Bug Tracker isn’t a customer support forum. For support information, and ticket submitting see the Vera Support help center.

There are no guarantees that any particular bug can be fixed in any particular release. To see what happens to your bug after you report it you can always check its status under My Requests section of the bug tracker. If you have more information about the bug or request you’ve just submitted you can click on it under My requests, then add a comment or attach a file (screenshots, logs, etc)

Filling a bug or a feature request

  1. Create an account or login on the Ezlo Community Bug Tracker.

  2. Search for all your reported issues, release notes, or documentation items, as your issue might already have been reported and or feature documented.

  3. If you find one of your existing issues and it’s important to you, comment on it and add more info.

  4. If no one has reported your bug, file the bug. First, add a very descriptive summary, then describe in detail all the symptoms or suggestions. Make sure you also add screenshots or logs that better describe your report.

NOTE: Include as much information in the bug as you can, following the instructions for the bug queue that you’re targeting. A bug that simply says something isn’t working doesn’t help much, and will probably be closed without any action. The amount of detail that you provide, such as log files, reproduction steps, and even screenshots helps us address your issue.

You can use the Community Bug Tracker Forum Category only for publicly discussing your bugs or suggestions and offer us valuable feedback about improving the tracker itself but make sure you submit your requests in the bug tracker, not the community forum.

This is just the start and there’s still work to do on the tracker platform. Our product team will answer all your questions or suggestions.


So its a different / new account ?

Not our current Vera account username and password ?

And bugs we have mentioned in the forum already, assuming that they were indeed logged in to the system and now I find them on the bug tracker, they likely won’t be assigned to me right? in the “My Requests”.



I can’t find anything loaded to this. Is it a blank system or is my search-fu incompatible with your indexes? I would expect this to have a few dozen long-standing issues already.


I just creates a request. Can other see this? It is the only one I can see at the moment. However, I can select to look at My requests or All requests so that suggests we should be able to see all requests entered.

Cheers Rene

It’s an all new platform. You’ll have to create an account for this.

Everyone can only see his own reported issues but not others.

This is being debated by the PM team in what format we should make this work with the platform in use. Please tag @Gabi for technical information.

I agree with @reneboer that end users should be able to see “all requests”.


Doesn’t seem to work in my Chrome browser for some reason, I had to use Edge.

“All Requests”

So it is a brand new blank system and not linked to the internal Ezlo bug tracking system, this isn’t so good.

Yes users should be able to see all bugs and feature requests from all other users, or how else are you meant to search to see if that bug or feature request has already been submitted by someone else ?

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I didn’t say it’s not linked to any internal system. Jira is the same platform we’re using internally and while I’m not familiar with the entire process behind it I’m pretty sure it’s linked with an internal repository. @Gabi could clarify this.


Let me rephrase, its not showing us the existing bugs and feature requests tickets, you guys at Ezlo are seeing internally.

If some of the bugs I have reported on the forum are already listed on the internal system you guys can see, then I need to also see them on the public facing system.

As currently I don’t know if to add “new” requests or not for some of the stuff I have already reported on the forum etc.

Please can we have clarification on how we are expected to proceed ?

That is in opposition to step 2 in your first post:
Search for all issues, release notes, or documentation items, as your issue might already have been reported and or feature documented.

Hi guys, I’ve just been assigned to make this post but I’ve not worked on this project and I’m not part of it. Nonetheless, I’ll help as much as I can. I’d love to give you more insights about the process and I’ve asked those myself. As mentioned and also told to me, this is a work in progress in terms of process and functionality, and as always your feedback is welcome.

I’m not sure how will this be possible but I’ll point it out to the PM team. To my understanding, they are deliberating on a way for these issues to be public between community members (community tickets between community users)

The duplicates are currently still a problem for the team that is managing this. Extra work for them to figure this out.

The search function is still a work in progress. To my understanding, it should also do a query among the existing reported issues (by the community.)


Please can you confirm how the new Public facing bug tracking system is expected to function?

I was expecting to see all the bugs and feature requests we have already submitted on the forums in the big tracker system.

How this appears not to be the case and we have an empty system.


Don’t worry, I filed a bug report on it.


I am curious if that link works for anyone who is not me…

LOL that’s funny :grin:

Not on the mobile version on my phone no.

Doesn’t appear I can even see “All Requests”.

The page layout is different to the desktop one.

I’ll hvae to check the desktop version later when at a PC.


First of all I apologize for not clarifying the topics above sooner and for not providing more details about the new ticketing system.

Below, I will try to answer all questions above and provide more clarifications.

Like Sorin said this tool is directly integrated with our internal Jira platform but it will not open up any information about our internal development tasks or bugs. It will however allow us to automate some flows so you can get updates in real time. For example if one of the users in the community raises a bug, this will be linked to an internal bug that will be allocated to the team that needs to resolve it. Once the internal ticket is resolved, the bug in the service desk tool will also be updated with either a comment or status change. I am still working on this, my aim is to to provide automatic updates, ad different stages, ending up with the firmware version or apps version it will be included in.

For now only the tickets reported in the past 5 days are visible to everybody. We are working on introducing in this tool the tickets reported in other threads in the forum, so you will start seeing them within the next couple of days. We will start with the tickets related to the new Ezlo platform .

For new tickets being created, users have two options, keep the issue private (only the creator will see it) or share it with the Ezlo Community (everybody will see it). By default the option is to share with the Ezlo Community, as you can see below.

If you still do not see all of the requests and other users see them, most likely your user is not included in the Ezlo Community group. Please send me a private message with the username and I will correct it.

Now everybody in the Ezlo Community Group can see it and they should be able to see my response in the ticket as well.

If needed, in order to see all tickets please select “Ezlo Community” from “My Request” menu on the Top Left side.


This is working on now:

Please note this search option is available when you are in the “My Requests” or “Ezlo Community” requests section.

The Main search box (screenshot below) from the screen with all the customer request types is linked to a Confluence Workspace (https://confluence.mios.com/display/ECS/Ezlo+Community+Support) where will load documentation tied to our APIs, roadmap, device integrations etc. Please note this is work in progress.

As an example:

Also I see there is an issues with the search, it doesn’t return any results from the workspace when using Google Chrome. I am still investigating this issue.

If I missed anything please let me know.

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Hi Gabriel

So to confirm, bugs that I and others have previously reported in this forum on the various Ezlo beta feedback threads, regarding the Ezlo platform, will eventually appear on the new bug tracking Jira system ?

Also I am not in the “Ezlo Community” group as shown in your screen shots I cannot see that. I sent you a PM.


I can confirm that we have QA looking through existing reports in the forum and they are manually adding the existing reports. This is a tremendous effort but they are doing it. P.S. Some of these issues might be already reported and fixed but not updated in the forum, so some of them might not end up in the tool.

It wouldn’t be a tremendous effort if you start to build the house from the ground. Half of the people on the forum lost their time in testing and bug reporting just to find out that nobody cared or looked at them or cataloged them and you are doing it now. What the fuck were we doing?. Bravo

Well, sir, thank you for the good words and all but I got to slightly contradict you on this one. I personally reported over 400 of the bugs since 2018, integration and features requests all coming from this forum. And I didn’t do it just now for the sake of it. Some of these issues have made it to production, some didn’t. But the best intention is to make it work, for us and for the community. Obviously, we’re grateful for everyone that contributes to this.


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