Ezlo - WiFi device generator plugin is on the Market place

Hello everyone,

Today we released the first version of the WiFi device generator plugin for Ezlo controllers. You can create a WiFi device template that you can you to integrate your smart WiFi devices. With this first version of the plugin, you can integrate WiFi devices that have a switch or dimmer capabilities. You can find a short video guide on how to use this plugin below. We’d appreciate your feedback on this completely new plugin and share your thoughts.


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We are hoping this Generic Wifi Plugin will make integration of any Wifi device easy.
You can also share the templates you generate for a wifi device so that others can take the template and add some device specific info like IP etc and start using it.

These devices will then show up both on our MeshBots as well as on the Dashboard.

Here you can find steps how to install WiFi device generator plugin
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3



Great work here guys !

I just tested this WIFI device plugin with both a local device controlled via Node-Red and also with a cloud device controlled by IFTTT Web Hooks.

I was able to create two virtual switch devices via the WIFI plugin, that then appeared in my Ezlo dynamic dashboard and I was then able to control the ON / OFF state of the real devices.

I expect this WIFI device plugin to become a very handy feature and it will make it easier for users to create virtual devices that send out HTTP commands to control real WIFI devices.

Previously on Vera hubs to do this, we had to either use a 3rd party plugin for virtual switches or manually create our own virtual devices on the controller and then use a 3rd party logic engine rule to send out the http commands based on that virtual devices trigger state etc.


Is this meant to control ESP8266 WIFI devices that normally work with the TUYA or SmartLife apps?

Any Wifi based devices…from basic Wifi Switches like ESP based wifi devices to your Yamaha Amplifier which allows controls using http…

It’s local or publicly opened HTTP API.

So unless those devices have direct access for http command control then no.

Tuya Smart life is cloud and and the Ezlo devs would need to add integration for their cloud API with authentication.

You can flash some devices with 3rd party firmware for local control however.

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