Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.440

We’re happy to announce we’ve submitted today a new VeraMobile for Android v. 7.40.440 beta update in Google store with the following:

Ezlo Platform - Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub, Vera Edge running Ezlo Linux firmware:

  • Ezlo VOI™ - fix the delete issue where the voice assistant device was not removed from app.
    Also we added an improvement on the delete functionality: in case you don’t have your Amazon Alexa or Google credentials anymore, you can choose to remove from the Vera app the voice assistant device.
  • Ezlo VOI™ - fix the issue in Chat with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home page, where the microphone icon was overlapping the texts
  • Ezlo VOI™ - removed from Chat with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home page the default Android voice for text reading

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enrol at this link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.40.436.

Hi @Ioana,

So the firebase 436 is the same as the google play store beta 440?

On the 436 version i found that the new delete function for the amazon Alexa is not working. You can click the Delete Now button all you want but nothing happens with the alexa device. Nothing is removed from the list.

Also, this started with the 424 version, the Geofence events are most of the time failing. I get the “cannot be sent to our servers” nearly all the time. When I pass the geofence the 4G coverage is excellent os it seems the app has trouble switching from local to remote or something (if it even does that). It is for the Vera FW BTW, as there is no geofencing for the Ezlo FW yet.

Last, it does take a long time to connect to an Ezlo Linux hub if you start the app. 15-20 seconds of spinning wheel. This has not been solved yet. Probably because of the changes on connection type (ws vs http) but it is annoyingly long.

Cheers Rene

I got excited when reading that a new release is out, and then…

Issue found:

Vera response:

Let me create a short timeline here:

  • 22 March - issue reported by @reneboer
  • 23 March - Ilkan (who I assume that is part of vera, although I’m not 100% sure now, no title) - acknowledges issue
  • 20 May - Vera releases an app for specifically this issue and 2 other small items.
  • 20 May - fix doesn’t work

So in 2 months - that’s it?
I won’t even comment on how great it would have been to work on other issues, like notifications or all the other complaints from the play store - this app went bananas.

Can confirm that in .436 the new “DELETE NOW” does nothing.

I promise to keep trying each new beta release, but remain limited to either discovering a new flaw, confirming an old flaw, or 2 minutes of my time (including capturing/editing screenshots and posting these feedbacks), whichever comes first.

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@LibraSun and it only took you 2 minutes. :slight_smile:
I find it unbelievable that they don’t want to invest this minimal effort into testing their own app.

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To be fair Android has so many flavours.

It’s true… but my money is on a cloud issue.
Hopefully someone with iOS will confirm.

But… also to be fair:

Probably the smallest QC team in the world.


Okay, to be fair, here’s a new “bug” (it’s actually NOT a bug, but a user wouldn’t know what’s really going on**):

  1. Open VeraMobile .436
  2. Connect with Vera Edge controller
  3. Open Ezlo VOI™
  4. Open last “Alexa” device
  5. Type “tell me the time” and send command
  6. Witness error message below
  7. Repeat experiment with “what time is it” … send twice
  8. Witness error message below

This took me less than two minutes (note timestamps on screenshots) to uncover and document. I could spend the entire day doing these reports, it’s just that easy.

**BONUS POINTS FOR ANYONE who figures out what’s wrong. I will EDIT this post momentarily with correct answer.

EDIT: The problem was that I had (intentionally gone into the “Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant Removal” tool (shown several posts higher up in this thread) and removed the “Voi Assistant” connection, leaving VeraMobile™ without a link to Amazon Alexa. However, this disconnection process does not remove the VOI “devices” from the app, leaving the impression that they can still be used. An unsuspecting user/tester would not figure this problem out based on the mystical error messages generated, would they?

Hence, I’m calling this a bonus bug at no extra charge!

Love a challenge :slight_smile:
I’m assuming you’re sending the commands too fast?
Before leaving room for the response to get back?

p.s. @LibraSun you’re making me want an atom just to find more bugs :))
p.s. 2 why do I want more bugs? don’t I already have enough? :rofl:

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P.S. Since beta testing is (normally) a structured push to improve software to the point of public (at least dignified) release, it would be helpful – indeed, recommended best practice – to guide us beta testers as to what you want us to bash on. Something? Everything?

It’s not even clear to those of us posting in these (random?) forum threads how many others are testing VeraMobile™ for you, so it’s uncertain how much time you wish us to expend in doing so.

I said it from Day One: Communication – any communication at all, beyond the obligatory “New Release!” announcements – is crucial to the success of your beta program. Or else, what are we doing here?

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Nice try, and thanks for playing, @hienry_k9, but [BZZZZZ] incorrect answer, lol.

My screenshot does show two identical commands, giving the appearance that they were sent in rapid succession. Actually, I allowed plenty of time between sends.

The problem was … see EDIT in above post. :slight_smile:

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Are they alexa errors?

Also, slight off-topic - but in the context of VOI:

Tested, works great.

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Nice find. They should have handle it I guess, it’s part of the UX.
At 3 reported bugs you should receive an extra Atom :joy:

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Hi all,

The team investigated and found the issue - is specific to the initial Beta testers of the Ezlo VOI feature because in the cloud there are some inconstancies in user data. The team created the fix and is currently under QA, tomorrow we should the deploy in LIVE.

If the user remove the permission in Alexa/Google only, without starting the flow from the app we don’t receive any flag from Alexa/Google that the permissions were revoked. We’ll see that only after the user will try to send a command to the assistant.

The Delete command is working on the accounts that linked their Alexa/Google accounts later, when the feature became available in the LIVE apps, not the early adopters that used the feature immediately in first launch.
I agree that even so, it should have been tested and added in the known issues until the fix is ready.


Hi guys,

We deployed the fix - delete should now work. I’ve tested with the latest Android Beta app and is working perfectly. For VeraMobile for iOS we have not yet received the approval from Apple - is still in review.

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Hi @Ioana,

With the latest beta I managed to remove the non-functional Amazon Alexa devices from the list :slight_smile:

Cheers Rene