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Incorrect ( iOS beta app v3.39(2) has the zigbee support



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I really admire rafale’s patience :slight_smile:

@melih - on what controller do we have zigbee? can this work for vera plus or secure?

@melih, since you’ve took over the forum and the company, as notable items I’ve seen some work done for vera, for the firmware side which was great.
For the mobile apps, the apps went to shit - at least recently.
I’m immagining that’s because of guys pushing the same app to work with ezlo controllers.
That’s really bad - and even you’ve admitted that you only use ezlo controllers with an app that’s designed to work for years with vera.
Maybe the app is working well with those now, but that’s useless.

50 000+
50k users and I’m assuming that maybe 100 of them are using ezlo.
Also look at that score… if 10% of them still use the downloaded app and 100 users on ezlo, you are currently pissing off 4900 users at once, releasing with no features (FOR VERA) except for that new dashboard (which also looks pretty rough).

I hoped that this app will save vera and you’ll leave the old app alone.
10 installs? not even your own employees adopted that didn’t they?
But from the last update (29 février 2020) this is dead. 2 months no updates?
Can we assume it’s failed?

Also - what is this? It has atom on it. It’s from the old company? It’s definitely dead.
August 17, 2018


It just striked me… you’ll never fix vera firmware or mobile because your goal is to move users to ezlo.
I do hope that you’re not dumbing things down on purpose. That would be pretty unethical.

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I am perplex. But on the other hand not even surprised.

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What I do not get is why the hell you bought a company like vera if you did and still do not like the product. Vera is Vera, you can say what you want about it, but many (mostly) of us use it for zwave controller. I think Vera should have been bought by one that really like Vera and make Vera better (not a new ezlo controller).

It might that I do not make myself popular with you Melih, but that’s not my reason for being on this forum :-).


Lets separate the hardware vs Firmware vs Vera app discussion please.
For hardware we do not care if you use Vera hardware or Ezlo hardware at all.

The issue is Firmware: The old vera firmware is not maintanable and we have been very clear about this all along that we would be building a brand new Firmware for you guys to run your own Vera hardware. We have built a whole new Firmware and there is a beta of it available here .
As to mobile Apps, there is constant improvement on the apps for both IOS and Android. There is a new release every two weeks.

The new hardware we are launching in beta called Ezlo Plus has zibgee capability . You can register for the Beta program to receive one of those for free.

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@melih, nearly two years passed since you acquired Vera. You can’t fix The old firmware, but the new one is still a beta and lacks many things compared to the old one (for me Local Home Assistant integration would suffice).

It looks to me like we are in a “ cul-de-sac”

Let me make a proposal: If you can’t fix the old firmware (for any reason), why don’t you make it open-source?

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Yup, thought about it already. Unfortunately too many hardcoded stuff that will cause security issues :frowning:

So you keep the monopoly and let it die?

the amount of money i have to put to clean the code is too much.
I don’t want to spend that money for this purpose, because I want to use that money to develop the new platform.

So why did you buy Vera? What will you use / reuse ?

I explained it many times before on the forum, happy to explain again.

I did NOT buy Vera for its FW.
I bought Vera for its engineering team. We now have one of the largest Development teams for Home Automation in the world.
Hope this clarifies it.

That same engineering team that built Vera?! I totally don’t get you…


I get your point… BUT, what about the customer base VERA had? Was it important for you too?

Looking at the comments in this forum it seems that the comments and suggestions from the customer base is not of such importance…

After many years in IT commercial world and having been in some companies buying, one of the things that were important for us was the customer base and to have them happy with what we were doing with what they had installed and a good migration path for possible new and great devices, making to see that customer base that the new ones will be not only much better, but also that we were also protecting as much as possible their current investment and a clear migration path to the new ones, and a clear motivation for doing that migration.

But I could be in the “oldies”.


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Yes, important. That is why we are spending our money in making sure we provide a brand new FW on the legacy Vera hw for these users.

Thanks, @melih … questions…

With a clear and not too hard migration path plan? and… my experience of many years, as I said, in IT makes me to put the second question:

With a clear and easy rollback path for the case the new one doesn’t work as expected?

We have seen problems in the current FW migrating from version to version, you should all the concerns and worries one can have for a migration from “FW A” to a “Totally new and different FW B”.

Even more if we take into account that this kind of devices shouldn’t be oriented only for IT technically knowledgeable people or “frikkies”, but for people that would like to have them working “almost” out-of-the-box.



At the moment all i have is a brand new FW. So worst case analysis is you have exclude everything and include again…
we created a new thread to see if we can improve on that.

@melih Thanks for your answer, and YES, it should be the WORST case and hopefully the one that hopefully will not have to be used. If one has two or maybe (?) three tens of devices connected to the current controller, exclude and re-include them, re-define scenes, etc, can be nuisance, but to do it with more than those and many of the current installations have much more than 30 devices and several scenes (mine is a small one and I have 32 devices and more than 30 scenes defined), could be undesirable and probably a stopper…

My suggestion: try to be able to migrate using a backup of the current FW. I understand the platform structure is totally different, but promote a team to code a tool that could read what is written in the old code and translate it to the new one.

Impossible? Surely not, Difficult? probably yes, but the benefit for the customer base and the view of your consideration of it with be really GREAT.




Interesting reading the comments on this thread.

The current Vera local Web GUI is functional but obviously can be much improved.

However for the new Ezlo local Web GUI, I’d expect all the functionality of the current Vera UI7 in respect of what settings you can manage and change for each Z-Wave device.

And then your improvements on top. So we are not losing any current functionality but keeping it and gaining more functionality and a better looking layout GUI also.

For example being able to do the following at the individual device level.

Creating and Deleting Z-Wave Association Groups between devices.

Being able to change device params and variables.

Being able to add new variables to a device. “New Service” tab.

Send commands to the device.
Configure Node Now, Poll Now, Stress Test, Replace Failed Device.

Device Options
Update Neighbour Nodes
Add Configuration Settings aka being able to change the devices settings parameters, the settings that are listed for all Z-Wave devices in their user manuals.

Being able to create new virtual devices.

The current Vera Web UI7 can do all of those things at the individual device level.

Then there are the controller hub level settings.

Local API for sending http commands to Vera from other devices on the LAN. Has to be as good as what we have now in Vera and easy to use as the current API is, by being able to send one line http commands to Vera to control devices and run scenes.

Mobile app. I’ve said it before and I won’t ever use a mobile app on a small screen to configure my system. I will use my laptop and the local Ezlo Web GUI for configuration and setup.

So if you are going to also have settings and configuration options in the mobile apps. I don’t want to see them or allow other family members to be able to access those settings. I’d want them locked and hidden away.

The mobile app for me (Currently Imperihome) is just a front end dashboard remote control app etc.