Release Notes. - Cloud - Delete Ezlo VOI™account

The cloud team deployed in LIVE support for the following functionality:

Ezlo Platform - Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub, Vera Edge running Ezlo Linux firmware:

  • Ezlo VOI™ - add support for the delete functionality where the voice assistant device was not removed from app.

This functionality can be tested with the next Beta apps for VeraMobile for Android and iOS that are coming soon.


Such a welcome feature, thanks!!

Cool, I’ll try getting my Edge controlling my blinds again.


just installed the 436 version of the app and tried the delete for the Alexa. Does not work. If you click the new Delete now button, it returns to the Amazon Alexa device and it is not deleted.

Cheers Rene


Thank you Rene! I reported to the team and they’re looking into this.

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I am still in version 425 and find that I am unable to delete any of the Alexa devices there as well. I will wait for a later version to push through the testing app and try again then.