Vera/Ezlo Support Links

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to access the Ezlo support page and encountered the following obstacle:

If you click on support in the forum, you will end up on the Vera support page. The control button also leads to the Vera page and not to the MiOS page. Shouldn’t this be updated or supplemented?

The support button on the MiOS page also does not direct you to the support page, as you would expect, but to a page in a MiOS help center (a kind of online help).

I think the whole structure could be revised. Maybe support, online documentation and feature and bug tracker should be merged into one page. The many different places are far too confusing and sometimes difficult to find.


Can you look into this please?

Ensure that the various user interfaces and their support buttons lead to the correct places, forum, mobile apps Vera and Mios, Ezlogic web UI etc.


Here is an overview of the various links that I found:

Vera Control Link: Login
Vera Support Link:
Ezlo Control Link: MiOS Smart Home
MiOS Help Center:
Ezlo/Vera Forum:
Community Feature an Bug Tracker: Service Desk
Platform Status:

The Apps button in the forum only leads to the Vera app. What about the MiOS app? Is it still not official?

Hello @Odysee

Thanks for getting our attention to this matter. Links have been updated with their respective sites. Please let us know in case you have additional feedback.

I’ll play this game also, here is what I know.

Vera UI7 Web UI

In the Vera UI7 web UI which is for Vera firmware hubs, on the main menu under Settings - Customer Care there is a “Contact Customer Care” button which leads to this page which is a support request submission page.

There is also a text link that says - Web:

Ezlogic Web UI

In the new Ezlogic Web UI for Ezlo firmware hubs on the main menu on the left at the bottom there is a “Support” button.

This leads to the “Help Center” on this URL

I could not see a way to actually contact support via this “Help Center” page? So that page needs changing to add a button to the contact support details.

Vera Mobile App (Android)

This is similar to the UI7 web UI on the main menu in Settings - Customer Care you will see this page minus that button however that said “Contact Customer Care”.

Mios Mobile App (Android)

The newer Mios mobile app is the app you should be using if you have an Ezlo hub not the older Vera mobile app. Eventually the older Vera app will not allow you to access Ezlo hubs at all and will only support the old Vera hubs.

Anyway in the Mios app you click More button then Help and you will see a similar support page.

Other Links and Pages

Most of these Odysee already listed but here is what I have with some more details.

Vera Cloud Gateway Portal -

This page is used to remotely access your Vera hubs.
Note Ezlo hubs for some unknown reason are also listed on this page but you CANNOT access your Ezlo hubs via this page, you have to use the new Ezlogic web UI instead.

Also note there has recently been issues with Connecting to your Vera hubs via this page in Chrome browser as a work around you have to change a setting in the Chrome browser see here for that “fix”.

There is also a drop down menu on this page in the top right hand corner, this is where you can access the Voice Assistant Portal pages to choose which devices and scenes should or should not appear in the Alexa or Google Home apps etc. There are four portal pages two for Vera hubs for Alexa / Google Home and two for Ezlo hubs for Alexa / Google Home.


There are some other links on this menu as well.

“Services” for VeraProtect (USA only I think)

“My Account” for Billing presumably related to VeraProtect

Community Feature Request and Bug Tracker (Jira Site)

This was used for customers to submit new feature requests and submit bug reports. However it appears to be down and offline now. I am checking with the devops team if it will be made available again to customers? (Sounds like it won’t be, still confirming)

Vera Platform Status

This is the original platform status page for Vera and now also Ezlo ?

Vera Wiki Site

This is the old Wiki Site for Vera firmware hubs, there is a lot of useful information on here.

Note - It has a new domain name now.

User Forum (This site)

Old Vera forum URL (Now offline - use the way back machine to access)

Vera Online App Store (For Vera firmware hubs only)

Vera firmware hubs local URLs

Display the active log file of your Vera hub (Seems to work bettter in MS Edge over Chrome)


List all Devices


List all SDATA Output (Apps like Home Remote use this data feed)


Ezlo related URLs

Ezlogic Web UI

This is the new web UI that is still being developed for Ezlo firmware hubs. This is how you should configure you hub, for example for “scenes” now called Meshbot rules, rather than trying to use the mobile apps which are not fully compatible with Meshbot rules currently.

Adding new devices onto an Ezlo hub however has to still be done via the mobile app, as currently Ezlogic web UI has no options for adding new Z-Wave and Zigbee devices and I don’t think it ever will (unlike Vera UI7 web UI).

Online API Tool

Ezlo API Documentation

Ezlo Dynamic Dashboard

You can use this page to view your Ezlo Dynamic Dashboard on its own, without the rest of the Ezlogic web UI around it.

Mios Help Docs

This is the new Help Docs site for the Ezlo hubs

Ezlo Support Page


This is the new site for creating your own sensors using ESP micro controller boards and the thousands of sensors available out there!

And this is the Online Web Flasher page where you flash the firmware on to the ESP board.

Mobile app links:

Apple iOS:

Vera Mobile (Recommended for Vera firmware hubs)

Mios App (Recommended for Ezlo firmware hubs)


Vera Mobile (Recommended for Vera firmware hubs)

Mios App (Recommended for Ezlo firmware hubs)

Hi @cw-kid

Thanks for putting all of this links together.

But it may confuse everyone since there are very different topics here.

  • The links here are updated

  • And the only support site for ezlo is and will be
    We will update ezlogic to point there as well. And also the content from will be there as well.

  • Also the community bug tracker should be working. There may be technical problems. We will check shortly. And update if necessary.

  • Alexa and Google Home management links will be moved to ezlogic shortly.

  • You know already we are not updating vera related sites for a long time. No need to point them out again.

Yes the “Support” link on the bottom of the main menu in Ezlogic currently goes to so you will change that to instead !

Any news on the new Voice Assistant portal pages development progress?

As you know the old portal pages have their issues and bugs.


That “Apps” web page seems out of date and also broken as one of the links to the app store didnt work for me.

Mios app links also need adding and it needs to be made more clear which controllers should be using which app.

The community bug tracker works, but not with Chrome at the moment (only blank screen). Works fine with Edge.

I tried it in Chrome and just got a blank page also.

Ill try it in Edge then.

What conclusion did you come to? I was able to reproduce this error on two computers in different locations.

I didnt check this again. Will do and ask the devs why the community tracker no longer appears to load in Chrome ?

@slapfrost do you have any further information?


Are you sure the Community Tracker site is working in Edge browser? I just tried it and I get a blank page also as I did in Chrome.

Maybe it was a locally cached version or something?

I was told that the Community tracker site was currently down and not accessible at all, which seems to be the case for me.

I’ve just tried again. With Edge it works, with Chrome not.


for any inquiries or bug reports, you can still use Submit a request – eZLO
that goes directly to customer support team as well. Feel free to use that.

Its started working for me again in both browsers. It didn’t work for me however for the past few days.

I’ve cleared browser data and restartet Chrome. Seems to be working now.