Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.7.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.7.1 !

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.6.1


1. Automatic login to Dashboard
Now Ezlogic supports SSO for Dashboard app. You will be logged in to Dashboard app automatically.

2. MeshBot as a Trigger
It is possible to create a MeshBot using another MeshBot state as a trigger.

  1. MeshBot Node
  2. List of MeshBots
  3. The state of target MeshBot

Possible values:
failed, finished, partially_finished, any_result, scene_enabled, scene_disabled.

The tokens failed, finished, partially_finished mean corresponding result of target MeshBot. The token any_result means any result of target MeshBot. The tokens scene_enabled, scene_disabled mean target MeshBot is enabled or disabled.

3. Virtual Container page

You can see the list of your Virtual Containers (Virtual Devices).
You can create a new Virtual Container.
You can map “property” or “capability” to real device or MeshBot property or capability.
In advanced mode you can describe some rules providing JS code how to map value to your property or capability of Virtual Container.

It will be possible to use Virtual Container as a Trigger or Action in MeshBot page and interact with it on Dashboard page.

Validation in Edit mode. Fixed detection of removed triggers or actions and mark MeshBot as edited.



Your example of your Virtual Container what does that do ?

Will it be possible to combine the values of two devices (trigger: device a value > device b value)?

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Yes, it will be possible. We are working on this feature.