Updates for Web UI - Beta 0.6.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for Web UI - Beta 0.6.1 !

Link: ezlogic.mios.com


1. Single controller support on Controller Settings page.

2. Implement devices grouping by room and searching by name in Triggers and Actions.

3. Display armed/disarmed device’s current value on MeshBot page.

4. UI changes on MeshBot page
It is not our final version. We are value your opinions and wishes, so we will be grateful if you share your thoughts.

Bug fixes:

  1. Change ON/OFF label orders on Controller Settings page

A few good updates there, please can we also have a search box on the Devices drop down list when linking a dashboard tile to a device. When you have lots of devices, its very difficult to find the device you are looking for in that drop down list to then link that tile to that particular device etc.


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You can just search by typing in the textbox @cw-kid

Can related devices somehow be grouped together optically? I have for example a fibaro smoke sensor with a temperature sensor and a thermostat with a temperature sensor with the same name in the same room. It’s very difficult to identify which is which. Or other devices with many child devices like the smart implant. These child devices should be somehow grouped together.


i have the same problem, I name them explicitly to avoid the issue.
eg: Temp (Smoke Sensor), Temp (Thermostat)

That would be a possible solution. But it would look better if child devices were somehow grouped or framed so that one could see at a glance that they belong together.

There is no search on the devices drop down list, when editing a Dashboard and dragging at tile to a dashboard slot, you then see this long list of devices:


What they need to do is build a proper pop up dialog box for finding devices (entities) like we have in MSR.

We need something like this as in MSR. you can search you can select groups aka rooms you can filter by device capability etc

By Device Capability:

By Groups / Rooms:

By Controllers:

By keyword search:


@cw-kid I meant in meshbot page we have search

For dashboard, we have it in our todo list

There is a bug on that new Meshbot menu, it keeps jumping back up to the top / start of the menu / list. When either trying to scroll down the menu or enter a keyword search, it jumps back to the top.

Noted down. Will fix it asap.

Fixed by Beta 0.6.2 version

When I look with Firefox at the Devices all are disabled. I cannot select the Function drop down from any of them anymore. Chrome does seem to work. Still not sure what this can do for me. Own dashboard tiles seem extremely basic. If you create and save one it is never to be found. Some guide showing what is suppose to work would be useful.


The dashboard area has many problems at the moment and is still very Alpha stage.

I can save tiles and see them again later under the tiles tab, but when editing existing tiles you previously created, it seems most of their property values are then lost.

For example if you previously set a border around the tile, a certain colour, border thickness, border radius etc, when you edit your tile again all those property values seem to be just empty again and lost. Most values you set in that right hand pane in the tile designer area seem to just vanish upon editing the tile.

Think the dashboard is fully down at the moment anyway, after a server fault on Saturday. My dynamic dashboard for example never appears now and my own tiles on my own dashboard page never connect to their linked devices.

It’s far too early for any user how too documentation because the system isn’t fully built out and working yet.

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