Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.10.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.10.1 !

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.9.1

New Features:

  1. Updates for Settings → Controllers page.

    1.1 Main Settings
    1.2 Firmware version
    1.3 Hub settings

    1.4 Maintenance / Remove

  2. Plugins page
    It is possible to upload plugin in tag.gz format and install it to your controller.

Steps to Upload plugin:

  • open Plugins → Edge Plugins page
  • click “+ Upload new plugin” button
  • click “Select File” button and choose plugin on the file system
  • click “Upload to my account” button
    In case of successful uploading you will see confirmation dialog
  • click “Continue to my plugins” button
    You can find uploaded plugin in My Private plugins table.

Steps to Install plugin on the controller:

  • open Plugins → Edge Plugins page
  • click on “Install” button
  • choose the controller. For now, installation is possible for online controllers only

Steps to Uninstall plugin from the controller:

  • open Plugins → Edge Plugins page
  • click on “Install” button
  • choose the controller and click “Uninstall” button

In further releases we will provide UI for plugins configuration.
Note: Plugins available for firmware =>

  1. HTTP request in Action section:
    It is possible to use HTTP request as an Action in Local MeshBot.

  2. Actions reordering
    We are glad to present Actions reordering. You can just Drag-and-Drop actions in the order you want!

Known issue: The color of border (validation state) is not always correct in Edit mode after Actions reordering.


Great work guys!

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:muscle: :clap:


It looks better with each version. Something’s really going on there :+1:

Should I post here or in the Feature and Bug Tracker if If i notice something (suggestion for improvement, representation errors, bugs)?


Thanks @lord55 , @Odysee . It is always better to use Feature and Bug Tracker meanwhile you can mention your ticket here also. Thanks for your interest and support.


Please can you confirm what these buttons actually do? As there was some confusion about them in the past.

Does the “Reboot Ezlo” button now simply reboot / restart the controller ?

And what does “Remove Ezlo” do?



Battery symbol of one of my thermostat device is showing 55.0000

New dashboard is on point. Things are looking much better.

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Thank you…soon we will be releasing an IOS app (android to follow) that will allow you to display dashboard in Kiosk mode (full screen)…so you can use this app to put a Tablet on the wall to display the dashboard! And you can design any dashboard you want.

This has now been fixed. (Thank you for reporting it btw).
can you pls confirm?

thank you.

Unfortunately I don’t see any change (tested with Chrome and Edge).

pls check it again…(it was a weird JS issue …that worked in majority of the cases but not on one specific use case…)…

Also: did you know you can create your own custom “Tiles” with this?

:+1: Seems to be displayed correctly now (Android phone with Chrome).

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If you create a custom tile, please share it with us to see.

I’m not shure how to do that. If you give me a hint I’ll try to create one.

click here

A Dashboard is made up of Tiles…
So you can click here to create either a dashboard or a tile

this will be the screen you see when you click create a dashboard…
you can drag and drop widgets from the left bar and use the right hand bar to modify them etc.

Hi @cw-kid , Yes “Reboot Ezlo” does reboot the controller. It uses internal API call for it.
“Remove Ezlo” removes the controller from your account. So you need to add it again using mobile app.

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So I created an example show case to demonstrate the new HTTP capability in EZLogic, which many old users are used to, using Telegram as a notification tool. It may be useful for new users.

You can find it in examples topic.

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Hi Everyone!

Awesome, this is amazing. Now I can load my automation plugin but I have a problem, my controller has not been updated to firmware version Could you help me with this? and what programming language would these plugins work on, will it still be .lua?

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For now Lua.