Updates for EZLogic 1.61.1 - 2.0.1

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since the last update on ezlogic side. So I wanted to wrap up the updates we had so far.

System Notification Meshbots

We moved our notification capability over meshbots and improved the infrastructure. Also added “System Notification Meshbots” which are created automatically when a new device is added to your account.

It is hidden by default. But you can make it appear by the help of settings on meshbot list.

The list of automatically created System Notification Meshbots are here

We will be improving the notification system and bring granular control and categorization shortly. And for existing accounts with existing devices, we will be rolling out meshbot creation in batch.

Device Groups

We added a new feature to allow group of devices to be used in Meshbots. And the groups can be created manually by selecting each device or automatically by selecting a category/subcategory of devices.

You can reach the device group management page under “Settings” main menu item.

You can Create a new device group easily.

Here you will see 3 levels.

  • Level 1 is the category selection. You can select a category of devices like “All Switches”

If you “Include” a category. It means if any further device, which is classified in this category, when paired to the hub even after you created this group, then it will be included in this Device Group.

  • Level 2 is the sub-category selection. You can select the sub-category like “All Interior Switches”

If you “Include” a sub-category. It means if any further device, which is classified in this sub-category, when paired to the hub even after you created this group, then it will be included in this Device Group.

  • Level 3 is the actual devices in your system. Like the “Living Room Switch” or “Kitchen Plug”

You can individually exclude any existing device, if you want to keep them separate from the Device Group.

After you create your device group you can go to Meshbots and create a local Meshbot.

You will see the “Device Group” node in nodes list. When you select “Device Groups” node, then you will see the groups you have created in management page. And after you select your group, you should select the capability that the meshbot trigger will watch, if any event happens for this type of capability among these devices/sub-category of devices/category of devices.

In this case it means all interior switches will be “watched” to be triggered, if any of them is turned on.

For now the usage is on “Trigger” part of Meshbots only but shortly we will enable the “Actions” part and you will be able to use a single action to “turn on all lights” in a group.

As a summary, Device Groups used in Trigger part will behave like “ANY” of the devices being triggered, whereas used in Actions part will behave like “ALL” of the devices being set.


Backup Page Improvements

On Backups page we modified the search are and improved display to include date range search filter and pagination to easily move between long lists of backups displayed. Also each backup fw version is displayed for convenience.

Meshbot duplication

We have now added “Duplication” of meshbots both in local and cloud type of meshbots. (Will require hub fw to be “2.0.50” or higher for the “Local Meshbot Duplication” to work.

When you click the duplicate icon on the meshbot list, it will ask you how to rename the duplicate meshbot and also whether you want to “edit” the meshbot after being duplicated.

So if you just click duplicate then you should see a success message and the duplicate meshbot displayed in the list .

Meshbot Labels

Now you can apply labels to your meshbots to easily categorize or identify them.

We have an inner menu alongside the main, which can be shown/hidden easily

There you will see all your labels created. And when you click on each label you can filter the meshbots with that label applied.

Also you can select multiple meshbots and apply labels in batch.

Labels can also be added/modified from the meshbot creation screen

Vera to Ezlo Migration

So long waited migration feature is now available publicly. You can access the tool under “Settings” main menu item.

The migration tool allows you to select a previously created backup from a Vera controller and apply this backup to an Ezlo Controller.

You can get the backup of Vera Controller(Vera Edge/Plus/Secure) from the backup menu under “Settings” main menu item.

And then select your controller to migrate devices to :

!!! Please Pay Attention !!!

This procedure will only transfer Z-Wave devices

the Vera Edge/Plus/Secure you are transferring from must be powered off

The Ezlo Controller you migrate to will lose all existing zwave? devices.

The zwave home ID will be the same as the one in Vera controller. So if you turn on your Vera controller again, devices will be controllable by both of the controllers at the same time.

We will be improving the tool in upcoming releases.

Virtual Devices page
Added “Door / Window Contact Sensor” device to Virtual devices list

Controller Settings page

Controller log settings will be applied immediately, no controller reboot needed now.


Some great updates there! I just tried the Meshbot rule duplication one and that seemed to work OK and duplicated my rule.

Also interesting to hear about the Vera to Ezlo migration tool !

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