Updates for EZLogic - 1.43.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.43.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com/
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For Users:

Cloud Variables in Action Section
We provided ability to save any type property as a Cloud Variables both in Local and Cloud MeshBots.
Simple mapping:

Let me remind, that you could describe Cloud Variable using Advaned mapping. On that page we injected “stringify” util method to do string variable type conversion automatically. If you’re interested to do some additional processing with variables you could setup simple mapping and then switch to advanced tab and take it as a reference for your future changes.

Note: variable value (3rd position in the mapping array - red border around) should be represented as a string.

We are going to add more features and simplify UI representation for Cloud Variables processing soon.

For Partners:


EZLogic TLD customization
If you are the partner you know that it’s possible to apply customization for webapps. Now, in addition to that it’s possible to map your top level domain to EZLogic instance. On EZLogic side we will apply your customization changes dynamically.

Customized login page example: https://ezlogic.snappbot.com/

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Added validation for “Save” customization button to prevent clients repeatedly sending duplicate requests.
  2. Fixed device settings page for offline controllers.
  3. Fixed rows shuffling on the Plugins page. Now, plugins alphabetically sorted.
  4. Fixed Date and Time → Custom time → Between input values.
  5. Fixed room label font size on device card on Device Settings page.