Updates for EZLogic - 1.3.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.3.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous 1.2.1

1. Device Associations page

We provided more information on the page.

  • Labels. If your device does not support associations you will see the following label:
  • Metadata. We displayed max supported associations number and list of commands for selected channel and group:
  • Attention messages. For example, for battery devices, it is necessary to turn it on right after pressing “save” button.

NOTE: We are going to make Firmware release with device associations support public soon, so stay tuned!

2. Edge Plugins page

Added improvements and bugfixes for Plugins page.

3. Triggers. Date and Time

Provided consistent input fields for Date and Time node.

4. Triggers. Vidoo

Reflect to hotzones changes in Vidoo app: adding/removing/renaming without page reloading.

5. Triggers. Latch function

The LATCH - it is unary function holds the true state forever after the trigger event becomes true. It then can be reset by external action. We do not have resetLatch on EZLogic yet, but will provide soon. Pay attention, probably, you would have to delete the MeshBot.

NOTE: available since advanced_scenes/1.31

6. Actions. NuCAL

We are working hard on NuCAL integration and this week we are glad to announce autocomplete for fields.

Bug fixes and UI improvements:

  1. Fixed bug with MeshBot node and True/False tab switching in Actions.
  2. Changed notification message



Is it the current status that you can’t see a picture from the integrated cameras or is that a bug? Are only images from Vistacams displayed so far? I’ve already seen images from cameras on screenshots of Melih and the Vera app also shows images.

In the dashboard I can see images from Foscam devices that are connected to Vidoo for example…

My devices are also Foscams, but integrated with the Vera app. In the app I see the pictures but not in the web frontend:

In the Vera app and your cameras were added to an Ezlo hub? Not a Vera hub?

Yes, the cams were added to the Ezlo Controller.

I added some Hikvision Cameras in to the Ezlo Vidoo NVR software and as yet I have not seen them working on the Ezlo Dynamic Dashboard tiles, I just get black squares similar to yourself.

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