Updates for EZLogic - 1.11.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.11.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous 1.10.1


Local MeshBot. Trigger. Vidoo

Now, we supported QR codes as a Trigger.

  1. Select “QR Code Detection”
  2. Then select your qr code

NOTE: To add, edit or delete QR codes use Vidoo app.

Notification MeshBot. Action. Notification

It is possible to use HTML as Notification payload. We also added preview area.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Made “Trigger” optional and “Action” required in Local MeshBot.
  • Hid “+ Add group” button in “Trigger” for Notification MeshBot.



Is removing the “add group” trigger in the Notification MeshBot a workaround until the function is fixed again?

Or to put it another way: How do I create a Notification MeshBot for a motion sensor that is armed? I would now set “armed = true” and “motion sensor = true” as triggers. Or do I have a misconception here?

What else I noticed:
In the Dynamic Dashboard, the TRVs are displayed with “Unknown”. I can’t remember if it was always there or just since the new version. What should it say?



What happened with this update? I can’t upload my plugins. deleted the cache, entered my browser incognito but it still presents the same event @Max

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Hello Jose
Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ll check it on our side and I’ll come back with a feedback.

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@JoseC Could you provide me the plugin you are trying to upload? You can provide it here or in direct message. We need to check a structure of your plugin.

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Hello Jose,

We are introducing some changes in plugin structure. We are planning to complete it next week. That’s why you are getting that error. We will announce the changes here on forum. Sorry for inconvenience.


Hi Max,

Do you know what the changes may be?

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Hi, @Odysee
I suggest to use Local MeshBot and “Notifications” node in Action for your case.

But how do I create a Notification MeshBot that only sends a message if an armed sensor is tripped?

The following MeshBot Trigger sends messages regardless of whether it is armed or not:

I just read how to do that in the 1.12.1 release note. Doesn’t that make the Notification MeshBot superfluous if the Automation MeshBot can do that too?

The types of MeshBots are different. In the architecture it will be important to seperate what is an “Automation” MeshBot vs Notification vs Interaction Meshbots…
Because they will have different capabilities etc.
For example: if you want to assign a “Default Notification” to a device or device group, you will be able to select from “Notification Meshbots” vs rummaging thru Automation MeshBots and so on…
Important to separate the the types of the MeshBots.

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Hi @JoseC
We are introducing prefixes that should be used by the plugin’s developer. It leads to some changes in the plugin structure.

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Upload plugins not yet available?