Unable to install WiFi device generator plugin

I have downloaded the WiFi device generator plugin locally. However upon install I get “An Error occured while installing”
Any assistance gladly appreciated

Its currently broken as you have discovered. They were meant to be releasing an updated fixed version.

@osman any ETA ?


Thank you for the info.
Ill wait for the release…

We are on it currently. Let me check the latest progress and update this thread shortly. Thanks for your patience

Good evening,
Any update on the progress of the wifi plugin?

Hi @exzavier
The issue should be solved now. Could you try again and let us know?

Good Afternoon @mert
I deleted the old Plug in and copied the updated version per your note. They both appear to be the same version? 1.0.5 , Story short … The plugin would not install.

Thanks in advance for your help