Still fighting to get the Ezlo plus to be reliable and functional

I don’t have a ton of free time to dedicate to products that don’t work for their basic functions. My Vera plus was rock solid for a decade to manage 20 scenes over 60 devices with a few cloud app integrations. So far in owning a Ezlo edge, the most basic lighting scenes are now unreliable. The web application doesn’t allow device management (MACD), and support tells me to do things like delete ghost zwave devices that the Vera App and MIOS web app don’t let me do, nor do they provide any helpful result responses. Where’s the user accessible logs? I’m prettty much at the end of this relationship since it hasn’t improved — and I’ll take my sunk costs on the chin for assuming that Ezlo would be an equivalent successor.

I’m really interested in where to go now. I’m not an enthusiast that wants to spend hours a week as a beta tester for an incomplete product. My Zwave devices aren’t bleeding edge, nor are my cloud apps. What is the best hub solution for a majority Zwave light switch network (Leviton) with a few integrations (Wiz, Chamberlain, Slage, Honeywell, etc). If this isn’t the solution – what is the best alternative that is reliable?


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Great example of the lack of consumer level quality… It tells me that my name or password that I entered is incorrect right before it lets me into the app. I know my password is correct because I just executed the password change process from this page, which ironically dumps me into a Vera link and sign-in page from the link generated and sent to my email address. And of course the password just changed doesn’t let me log into the Vera page it loads. So I go back to the ezlogic mios page and still get this error that apparently isn’t accurate.

I initially went through this process several times thinking that the reason i could not delete devices from the web dashboard was due to rights or something. Really poor. Would love to see a log, but the website nor the app on the phone give me access to basic logs. The complete lack of result responses in both the web application and the phone application is maddening.


I feel your pain! My Vera 3 never blinked. The Ezlo is maddening. It was supposed to be so much faster, but I can’t say that is true. Scenes work then don’t, devices disappear to “no room” or are suddenly not recognized. Not to mention devices not yet integrated. I’m still here, hoping that Ezlo will be developed into what Vera3 already is.

I started with the Vera Lite and was quite pleased with the unit, with all the plugins and activity at the user level. I was frustrated by the awful firmware update experience that sometimes completely bricked the unit I bought the Elzo Plus more than a year ago, and was initially frustrated when it did not install my lock properly. That was resolved, but I still have not transferred my other devices over yet. Just heard that Insteon has shut down so I am increasingly concerned about systems that rely on company servers to run. It’s safe to say that home automation has had more than a number of speed bumps on the road to success. Not sure where I am going from here.

One thing for sure, we are here to support you for the long haul! With each and every release things will get better.

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Good to know. Ii do think the EZLO product line has a lot of possibilities, and you have been ver innovative.

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Thank you for recognizing this.
Its one amazing team at Ezlo who is eager to please our users.

Hello Christopher,

I just sent you an email. I’ll be taking care of your case.
Regarding the Ezlogic website issue, I’ll replicate it and let you know the results.


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