Options for programmable LED strips

I have a Vera secure

I’d like to control a digital programmable LED strip with light effects like chase lighting etc. Is there a zwave switch/module that can do this. What are your recommendations.

Hi @col8eral,

There are some RGB Z-wave controllers available in the market such as the Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441).

Please make sure your strip is compatible with this device before trying its implementation.

There are also some third-party plugins available to control WiFi-based RGB controllers (Note that we don’t support third-party plugins)


He’s asking about addressable LED lights I think.

RGB is interesting, but I wanted to know about digital addressable led strip.

why not use a wifi version vs zwave and use the WiFi plugin capability we have to control it?

Does that work with addressable strips?

I am not aware of any native way on Vera or Ezlo hubs to control addressable LED strips. Have you searched this forum for similar questions asked?

Do you already have a particular addressable LED controller to use in mind?

You would need one that can be controlled by TCP / Http requests. You could then maybe use the Ezlo Wifi/IP Device Generator plugin to send those http commands to the addressable LED controller. Or create Meshbot rule actions to send the http command(s).

Or maybe one that can be controlled by IR or RF. You could then maybe use a Broadlink RM pro as a bridge between the Vera / Ezlo hub and the addressable LED controller.

I dont think there is just a simple out of the box solution.

Thank you. I kind of suspected there wouldn’t be an out of the box solution. It’s good to know there’s a http plugin. Could you post a link to the plugin so I can explore it before going out and buying a strip light.

I’ll do some more searches on here to find what other have been doing with WiFi strip lights and see if there’s any recommended known compatible products.

Oh just read you have a Vera Secure.

The plugin I mentioned is for Ezlo hub…

For Vera firmware hubs there was a 3rd party plugin for controlling IP devices. Think it was this one here.