Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2021-Jun-07

Hello all,

We continue with our posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see the newly integrated Z-Wave devices :

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Jasko ZW4105 Smart Switch
Jasko ZW4002 In-wall smart Fan Control
Jasko ZW3107 Plug-inSmart Dimmer
Eaton RF9601D Z-Wave Wireless Switch
Leviton R03-DZPD3-1BW Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module
Zooz ZEN26 VER.3.0 S2 on/off switch 3.0
Aeotec ZW080-A17 Siren Gen5
Leviton VRPD3-1LW Scene capable plug-in module
Zooz ZEN24 ver3.0 Toggle dimmer
Honeywell ZW3104 Plug-in smart dimmer
Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 v3.4 Flood Sensor
Aeotec ZW187-A Recessed Door Sensor 7
Aeotec ZW110-A02 Smart Switch 6
Aeotec ZWA001 LED Bulb Gen6 Multi-White
Fibaro FGDW-002-1 Door/Window sensor 2
Kwikset 914 SmartCode
Zooz ZSE29 VER 2.0 outdoor motion sensor
Enbrighten GE ZW3106 Plug-in Smart Dimmer
Dome DMDP2 Wireless Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor
Enbrighten GE ZW3008 Smart Motion Dimmer
Aeotec ZWA008-A Door/Window sensor 7
Enbrighten GE ZW3009 In-wall Touch Sensing Smart Dimmer
Fibaro FGD-212 us v3.5 Dimmer 2
Zooz ZEN27 ver3.0 S2 on/off switch
Sensative 1101012 Strips Guard
Jasko ZW6302 Smart Motion sensor
Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2.5-ECO Door/Window sensor
Enbrighten GE ZW4006 Smart Motion Switch
Yale B076WZT4VD yale assure lock sl with z-wave manual
Aeotec ZWA005-A TriSensor
Leviton HSP02-0 Motion Sensor
Enbrighten GE ZW3005 In-wall smart dimmer
Fortrezz 8156a-fm5202 Flood Sensor
Enbrighten GE 46202/ZW4009 In-Wall Smart Switch
Zooz ZEN23 VER. 4.0 Togle switch
Enbrighten GE 14294 / ZW3005 In-Wall smart dimmer
Aeotec ZW117-A01 Range Extender 6
Enbrighten GE ZW4201/39346 Plug-in Outdoor Switch
Enbrighten GE 14315/14288/ZW1002 In-Wall Tamper Resistant Smart Outlet
Enbrighten GE ZW4003/14292 In-Wall Smart Toggle Switch
Enbrighten GE ZW6301/32563 Hinge Pin Door Sensor
Leviton VRR15-1LZ White/Ivory/Light Almond
Zooz ZEN22 VER. 4.0 Dimmer 4.0
Honeywell ZW4103/39337 Plug-in Switch (Single Plug)
Zooz ZEN15 ver2.0 Power Switch
Enbrighten GE ZW3006/14299 In-Wall Smart 1000W Dimmer
Fibaro FGGC-001 SWIPE
Kwikset 910 Smartcode
Sensative KIT 11 01 011/1101 Strips Guard
Minoston MP21Z Z-Wave Outlet Mini Plug-in Socket
NodOn CRC-3US-1 Z-Wave Plus Octan Powerful Remote Scene Controller
GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector
Ecolink SC-ZWAVE5-ECO Zwave Plus Network Security Siren, White
Zooz ZSE19 Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiSiren ZSE19 with Temperature and Humidity Sensors
Enbrighten GE GE 45603 GE 45603 Z-Wave Technology Wireless Lighting Control Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module
Minoston MP22Z Outdoor On/Off Outlet Switch
Leviton VRE06-1LZ Leviton VRE06-1LZ Vizia RF + 600W Electronic Low Voltage Scene Capable Dimmer, White/Ivory/Light Almond, Works with Alexa
Sensative Strips Comfort Sensative Z-Wave Plus Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Light Sensor Strips Comfort, Works with SmartThings
Aeotec ZW189-A01 Aeotec Range Extender 7 Zwave Repeater Work with Zwave Hub SmartThings Fibaro
Aeotec DSA38-ZWUS Aeotec Panic Button, Z-Wave One Button Remote Control, Scene Trigger
Fibaro FGBHDW-002-1 v. 1.0 Door/Window Sensor Contact & Temperature Sensor
Heatit 4512686 Z-Repeater Range Extender Dual USB 2A
Ring 1523 Range Extender for Ring Alarm
Honeywell ZW3005 In-wall smart dimmer
Kwikset 914 SmartCode Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey Security and Avalon Handleset

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check
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We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile:


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