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Appears the flicking of the files is because I had previously added my own custom icon image to one of them when the “Tile Settings” were there. Those settings have been removed since.

I don’t get flickering on another dashboard where I didnt add any custom icon images, so seems to be related to that.

@librasun, I have the same issue, not seeing any VeraPlus devices while using the MIOS app.

My devices and scenes are still listed from my Vera Plus OK.

Maybe the changes they made on the back end are still propagating around all the online relays?

Just a guess.

A new Dashboard created in the standalone Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app does then not appear for selection for use in the Mios app.

Also please quickly fix the colour picker in the web app and the RGB sliders in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app. Its virtually impossible to select the exact colour / codes you want to use for tiles.



If you do it the other way round, create the new dashboard page in the Mios app then that new page does appear in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

The MiOS app is filtering the dashboards by controller.
You will be able to see and interact only with the dashboards assigned to the controller you are connected to.
Please check if this is the use case and let me know if is not.
Thank you,

I’m confused.

Before the Mios app was even released, I created 3 dashboard pages in the standalone Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

Then later in the Mios app I could see those 3 dashboard pages I had previously created.

Now I created a 4th dashboard page in the standalone Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app, however this new dashboard does not appear in the Mios app.

It does appear OK in the website based version however.

If you do it the other way round, create the new dashboard page in the Mios app, then that new page does appear in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

As for controllers, I am using my Vera Plus in the Mios app.

I just switched to my Atom in the Mios app and the 3 original dashboard pages I created previously in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app are being shown in the dashboard settings.

But the new 4th dashboard page is not being shown in the Mios app for either the Atom or the Vera Plus.

Thank you for the quick response.
I will contact you on private to see how can you help me with further investigation.

And to add even more confusion.

I created a brand new dashboard page in the Mios app, the first page I have created in this Mios app and I added one lamp to it.

When clicking the tile itself this turns on the lamp. But the percentage stays as 0% on the tile and never updates no matter how long wait.

If you then click the little arrow on the tile that dialogue control that opens correctly says the lamp is at 100%

However if I switch to a different dashboard page in the Mios app, one of the ones I previously created in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

For the same lamp in this dashboard the percentage on the tile is showing correctly at 100%

If I press the tile to turn off the lamp eventually after a long time the percentage on the tile goes to 0%.

So tiles seem to behave differently depending on if the dashboard page / tile, was created in the Mios app or in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

Which is why above I said feedback status was working for me, but others said it was not.

They must have created their dashboard page in the Mios app, where as I created the one I was testing with in the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app.

I know this is early Alpha but the whole thing is rather confusing and very buggy currently.

Hello guys,
During the investigation I made with @cw-kid I found an issue regarding the way dashboards are saved from stand alone configurator application.
Please use the tool that is available inside the MiOS app for now.
I will keep you updated.
Thank you

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update on how MIOS app is performing:
(Vera Plus, Android on S8, Alexa)

  • When connected to VP controller, can add dashboards with devices and scenes, but can’t access Alexa , Ezlo VOI option does not appear. Original Vera Mobile dashboard still exists and is functional.
  • When connected to Cloud controller, can only add 1 dashboard in the app but can add others via web. Dashboard Pro in dashboard settings does not appear.
  • Also when connected to Cloud, Ezlo VOI option exists and does connect to Alexa but when chatting with Alexa get “controller-abstracts-everywhere were not found” error message. (Note: using Sonos One as interface to Alexa).
    Otherwise, progress is steady, which is good.


  • When connected to Cloud, VP devices and scenes do not appear

It’s the same in the Vera mobile app. VOI only appears on the menu when connected to a controller running Ezlo firmware.


The Dashboard page title text, the colour of it seems to be linked to the colour of the tiles State on or off.

As you can see I set the tiles on state to be yellow and now the dashboard page title text is also yellow.

The Dashboard page does not refresh or update itself.

When I turned on the lamp the tile remains blue and 0%. I had to leave the dashboard page and go to another area of the app and then go back in to the dashboard page for the tile to then change to yellow and show the correct percentage.


When setting the tiles State on / off to some colours it doesn’t work if you have also set a background image.

The tile instead goes transparent.

On Tile: A =48
Off Tile: A =15

(This lamp is a Philips Hue device via the AltHue plugin on Vera Plus)

I didn’t have this problem when the tile was set to blue for off and yellow for on and I added a background. That seemed OK.

But now setting them to different shades of grey the tile doesn’t show these grey colours, it’s just transparent as you can see in the above screenshot.


Also please add a setting so we can properly make tiles transparent when off and I will set a tile colour for when on.

Also can the tile icons be made bigger in size, can hardly see them.

Thank you @cw-kid for you feedback.
We will look into it

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This is the look I was going for, this is the 3rd party “The Home Remote” where the tiles are transparent when off and a grey colour when on etc.


Their tiles are bigger and you press the 3 dots for the extended dialogue controls.


This is taken from the website configurator, its the same in the standalone Ezlo dashboard configurator app.

Also you cannot seem to edit existing dashboards or tiles in the Mios app currently.

The default icon shown in the configurator is not the same icon as that is displayed in the mios app for this tile, as you can see in the above screen shots.

Also No upload button to add your own image icon yet.

So, with help, I was able to create a 3-button Dashboard (named “Broken”) at https://edash.mios.com/#/dashboard-preview to control 3 binary light switches.

However, upon completion, the new dashboard appears “blank”…

…then figured out that I must click the > button at upper right in order to see the buttons layout I created.

Can someone please explain why clicking any of those buttons doesn’t do anything? I’ve clicked them in various spots, single- and double-clicked, nada. I thought the whole purpose was to turn things on/off. :confused:

I don’t recall anyone stating that the beta Dashboards are supposed to non-functional, but perhaps I expected too much?

The website version and the standalone Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app are not functional. They can only be currently used for creating your dashboards.

They are functional somewhat in the Mios app.

I expect that the website version will become functional at some point.

Can you see the dashboard you created on the website in the Mios app in Settings - Dashboard Settings?

I suspect not as there is a bug where they don’t appear in the Mios app anymore, they did initially for myself but no longer for newly created dashboard pages.

You can create a new dashboard directly in the Mios app instead for now. But you will likely need to use the other tools to modify them, as you can’t seem to edit existing dashboard pages and tiles in the Mios app.

It’s all a bit of a mess at the moment.

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After adding more tiles it’s clear the icons are coming from the devices themselves in Vera not from the Dashboard Configurator.

Mios app

Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app


To be able to hold down on a tile in the Configurator and drag and drop it in to a new position to move the tiles around.

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