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Remove the device delete option, don’t need it and definitely do not want to see it in a front end dashboard GUI app!


Also on the first screen shot of the Lamps details dialogue control, can I set the background colour globally of all of these to dark.

And change the blue colour on the on / off button, slider and percentage text.

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I just added two Scene tiles and set their background colour to a light grey, A=15.

Now the dashboard flickers.

This is an unlisted video not public.

@cw-kid Thank you for your feedback. We noted all the findings.
One small note: the dashboard tool from the web site and stand alone app plays now “the builder” role. It only can be used to create and preview dashboards.
We are considering implementing more functionality, that will allow users to send commands from it too.

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Hello guys,
During my conversations with some of you, I identified some points into the flow that are not intuitive enough.
Until we will fix that, here are some explanations:

There are 2 ways of displaying and using a dashboard:

  • You choose one template and define one layout that auto adapts when you rotate the phone
  • You choose 2 templates: one for landscape and one for portrait and you will see 2 different layout when you rotate the phone

You can choose between the 2 options by turning on/off the “Use one template” switch

The default is off => you need to define 2 different layouts, one for portrait and one for landscape. This is why you are back to “Select dashboard template” page after you go trough all the steps. You have one more orientation to configure.

Here are some examples:

  1. The “Use one template” switch is off and the user defined 2 layouts:

  2. The “Use one template” switch is on and the user defined 1 layout:

Regarding device control, the mechanism now is still the one we had on Dashboard Pro:

The thing you can configure now for your dashboard is the look of a tile based on the device state. Example: If you have a sensor, your tile can look different if the sensor is armed / disarmed or tripped.

This is how tripped sensors behave in Imperihome. By default the devices tile background flashes red.

For example for my Patio Door if the door is opened, I see my door opened icon and the tile background flashing red…

When the door is closed, I just see the door closed icon and the tile looks normal.


Can you make the tripped sensor tiles behave the same as this.

Also in this video you can see a “Composite” security sensor tile. When I click this tile, it pops up and shows all the sensors I have assigned to it at a glance


I have recieved 2 emails saying there is an update in mios beta app, the latest being 1.0.602.

But when i go to download i get “no apps yet”

I had no issues downloading the initial beta release.

In contrast to the Vera app I had no issues installing the 1.0.602. The installation of the Vera beta app always fails and I have to uninstall it first. Perhaps one of the MiOS developers could tell the developers of the Vera app the trick of smoothly updating the beta app :wink:

Does it still make sense to install the Vera Beta? Or is there anything that the MiOS app cannot yet do?

Hi. Do you use also the store version of Vera app? Do you mix them,like installing Vera from store, then installing from AppTester? Usually this is the reason the install would fail. Please remove all Vera apps(store, apptester), and install only from one source.

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I only install from AppTester. When I’m at home, I’ll try removing Vera and MiOS App and then install the Apps again via AppTester and then try to reinstall these Apps via AppTester (Updating to the same version).

Still receiving emails telling me there is a new beta version, but as posted multiple times, not seeing any apps to download.

Please send me your email in private to check.

Sent you email. i just received another email saying a new beta mios app for testing, yet again i click link and as before “no apps yet”.

Why doesn’t the MIOS app (1.0.648) show the Timezone?
I have set the time zone through the API tool to Europe/Amsterdam but the app doesn’t show it.

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