"How-to Pair" videos for every product Ezlo supports

We started adding a “How to Pair” videos for each and every product Ezlo is integrated with that it supports.
You can see them as you scroll down on the above link. The video team will continually be adding them.

Wow very ambitious! One comment I watched the Dome DMWS1 Leak sensor video and the video didn’t clearly indicate how many button presses were required to pair/unpair. Half of the battle is trying to figure out the button sequence for a device when you can’t find the manual. Google searches work well, but I would suggest, since your doing it, overlay some text on the video “Three quick button presses” or something like that.

great feedback! thank you. I informed our video team to take this into consideration.

That’s a great resource. Can I assume that all the devices in the list should work with the EZLO Plus as it stands now?

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Yes, all the devices listed in the link shared above should work with Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure, Ezlo PlugHub and Ezlo Atom.

As a proof that they work, we have the videos as well.

I watched both videos on pairing the Dome Leak Sensor. When I paired Dome Z-Wave Leak Sensor DMWS1 with Ezlo Plus hub it didn’t look like the one in your videos did not have a slider bar to turn on as shown in the videos When I did a wet test it does not show up as an Alert and does not send Notification.
When I select that device in the app what shows up is the Device Name, the assigned Room and Z-Wave settings. If I select Settings what shows up is General, Display format as either Decimal or Hexa, Reset to default settings, Rediscover device, List of Parameters.
What should I do to get this paired as a leak sensor?

Please take the sensor within 6 feet of the controller, exclude (unpair) it, not just delete it, then reset the sensor:

Once unpaired and reset, add it again as shown in the video:

Let us know how it goes then.

That is nice. I have paired some of these- They do pair up -BUT the functionality is either missing or the units “fall asleep”… So far HS-LS100+ Z-Wave Leak Sensor will work of about a day and Elzo Plus will stop seeing it?!?- I have to repress to wake back up unit. It comes back with 100%battery… I think we have a ticket on it…The inovelli LZW60 I have connected via usb and sits 20 ft away and it also “drops out” and you must wake it up!!!.. I am not sure what is happening to these devices? I also believe ticket is in. How can i track the tickets? The link provide goes to a login in which i believe i dont have access?


Hello @fredthetiredman,

It seems like both HS-LS100+ and LZW60 are not fully integrated yet as you probably already know.
The integration request for the Inovelli LZW60 has been already created and can be found here.
I could not find an integration request for the Homeseer HS-LS100+ but we kindly invite our customers to be part of the process by using the “Community Feature and Bug Tracker” page available on the top of the forum. You can find more information about this tool here.

To create and track requests or reports, you will need an account that can be created here. It doesn’t take more than one minute.

Best regards.

The acceptance and migration to EZLO Plus is painful and not going well. The “working device list” Just means Ezlo will Pair?!? NOT actually be fully functional?!? or “fully integrated”-if I dont have the basic function of a scene controller it not worth pairing (ect)!!!

Hello, @fredthetiredman

It seems that the migration process is being particularly difficult for you. However, keep in mind that you have our support team available for you to help you tackle every issue that you run into.
Please, send us a message to support@ezlo.com to generate a support ticket and we will happily assist you with all those inconveniences.

Answering your questions, if a device is integrated with our platform, it means that all its features will be fully functional on the Ezlo controller.
Some devices don’t have all their features available, but we are always working on increasing the compatibility level of our platform.

You can always check the full list of devices that are integrated with the Ezlo platform here:

Z-Wave Full List
Zigbee Full List
2 Gig Full List

And, as we previously mentioned, if you don’t see under that list the devices that you would like to use, we invite you to use the “Community Feature and Bug Tracker to add them as a “feature request” or “device integration request”. That way we can keep track of everything that our customers want and need which helps us focus on that.

Best regards.

WAIT WHAT??? …“all its features will be fully functional on the Ezlo controller” So is that a “YES THEY ARE!!!” …
For example is -I look at your list and see:
317 Inovelli LZW40 That means is has all the functions and works without ANY (known) issues??? So all the rgb setting are available ect???.. Or does that mean "we are working on it and it may work- the “will be getting it working”…

The List is Golden? Reflects 100% ready and operational -Correct?

Thanks Again

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That’s the idea behind integrating a device, it should work just fine with all its features. However, if something is not working, we will escalate it to the integration team so that it can be fixed on future firmware updates for the Ezlo controllers.

I believe we didn’t clarify that the Inovelli LZW40 and LZW60 models are not fully integrated with the Ezlo Plus or Ezlo Secure controllers. It is, however, fully integrated with Atom and PlugHub controllers. That is why you see it on that list of integrated devices.
I apologize for this confusion, but I hope it is clear now.

Finally, I want to let you know that we are glad that you have been providing feedback about what is not working right. That way we can improve things for everyone.

Thank you.

Ohh ok so the list is somewhat depending on which “EZLO” product you have!!! So the list is “generic” and may not apply to EZLO plus…interesting way to do the list, so the list is NOT A guarantee to any one specific product line.


We believe that we could improve that list by either adding next to each device what platform they are compatible with or by having separate lists of compatible devices for each platform. I have brought this topic up to our managers and I hope a more specific list is created.

Regardless, keep in mind that our support team is always available for you to answer any questions or to clear any doubts you may have, so, the list is not the only way you have to find out what device Is compatible and what is not.

Best regards.

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Ok Thank you…I think for at least (me) is the Product names confusion- everything tends to be mixed together. We have “VERA” and the 3 different flavors. We have the older EZLO “stick” flavors-and the “Newest” EZLO… all have much different development times and issues/challenges. Some times everything gets mashed together (issues,bugs,pairing,feature request). Tech support seems to have a very long backlog for the newer/latest EZLO. Right Now my Vera Plus is working well and I have many scripts and devices on it- I was hoping the EZLO plus would have at least the same “starting base” and expand out to greater functions-but currently it SEEMS (for me) its a slow start with many tickets pending for a very good while -several weeks to a month.

I will ask support on every device I want to move over to new EZLO platform -1. Will it pair? or pair “generic zwave” , 2. All functions and menus available and functional. Thank you

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I have just left my EZLO plus for a month. My Kwikset 916 keeps telling me ever time someone locks or unlocks it, and I can’t locking or unlocking it to trigger other scenes. All of this was not an issue with my Vera Lite, so I can’t say this device is fully supported. This remains a key issue for me and is putting a hold on any progress I might want to make on moving the rest of the devices off my old Vera. The unit seems solid and stays up, but integration is the key here.

Hello @fredthetiredman and @Grwebster,

We understand the confusion regarding the integrated products list, our team is working to separate that list so all our customers could have a better idea of the integrated devices with each of our platforms.

The new Ezlo platform is under development and our team is working hard to include all the features the Vera controllers have and more. In case you need further assistance regarding a specific device feel free to open a support ticket at support@ezlo.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible to bring assistance.

Regarding the Kwikset 916 we understand the integration is under development so we need to wait for a new firmware upgrade.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we improve our platform!

Best regards,

you are 100% spot on!

We have a brand new Device Integration team who provides 90 day Guarantee to integrate any Zwave/Zigbee device (commercially available).

How about new integrations of Z-Wave devices? I didn’t see any new integration message since 2021-Feb-22.