Garage Door Opener help!

I recently purchased a GoControl door opener.

I have tried adding it as a Generic zwave device and as a Garage Door Opener. There are couple of NuTone models on the list with similar numbers, is NuTone and GoControl the same thing? The model numbers on the list of Garage Door openers from Vera are GD00Z-4 and GD00Z-5. The model number on my GoControl is GD00Z-8-GC

I can get it to add and exchange keys, but when I try to use it, it says “Please wait getting the manufacturer” or “getting secure classes”

Firmware on my Vera is up to date 1.7.5185 (7.31)

Any help is greatly appreciated


I have that same device and it is a little bit of a pain to add. I even put a small UPS on it because many times after a power blip it would have to be excluded and then re added to Vera. Also, the Vera controller needs to be fairly close to the unit to pair properly. Good luck!

How did you add? As a generic zwave device? I can’t get it to work at all.

I added mine last spring as a Linear GD00Z-5, at least that is how it is listed in parameters and it seemed to work fine; I honestly don’t remember which garaged door opener I selected when I added it. I never had the please wait message. Mine surprisingly added without much issue including the monitor actually on the garage door assessing whether it was vertical or horizontal (closed or vertical). I was running 7.31 on a Vera Plus. I didn’t see that particular model listed when I purchased mine, so perhaps that is a newer or at least different model. Sorry I am not being of much help, but see if there is a Linear version of that model garage door opener listed.

I’m pretty sure I added as Generic Device but it’s listed as the Linear GD00Z-5. Sorry, I didn’t catch your exact model number before. I have GoControl but mine is older, the 5 model.

Thanks for the reply! Any chance you can screen shot your settings? That way I can try to manually make them match.

Thanks again.

Here is what I have in parameters in the Advanced settings.

Any luck yet??

Nope. Vera support wasn’t much help. They said they’re not currently adding new devices and would need GoControl to send them the parameters. Go Control said they’re not adding new Controllers at this time.

GoControl did show me how to factory reset and I tried that before attempting to pair with Vera again. No luck. Looks like I’ll be returning it.

Having similar problem. My GD00Z-8-GC is pairing as a door lock. I have tried GD00Z4 and GD00Z5, and Generic with the same result. The above pic from leedavidr shows it as a D_BinaryLight

Do you have to have the Garage door app installed or the Linear Pro app installed?

Have you tried disabling auto configure on the device then manually setting the device_file to D_BinaryLight1.xml and the device_json to D_GarageDoor_Linear.json as listed earlier?

I tried to manually change, but didn’t disable auto configure. I’ll try that.

That did it! I changed the device type to: “urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1”
As well

Which setting worked? Did you start with 4, 5, or generic device before making the changes?

I used 5, but I tried the others with the same results. It paired with all, but kept including as a door lock. I think it helps to unpair it first by hitting the button on the go control 5 times.
Once paired, I turned off “automatically configure” and changed the parameters

I had the go control about a foot from my Vera Plus

So…I got it to work after changing the settings as Urodoc did.

Now I have a different issue. It only works if I unplug the wires for my wall button. If I plug both in, it beeps, but it doesn’t work. The wall button also controls the lights, so I can’t really be without it.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this new issue, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, this thing will probably get returned.

Thank you!

The ability to have more than one button wired to the same garage opener is going to vary by model, and is not really something GoControls can navigate. Usually only the really basic models (with no extra features like lights) are going to like having more than one button on the same terminal on the unit. And per GoControls compatibility sheet they can’t handle the extra features like lights. So unless your unit has a secondary terminal for a secondary button, you are probably out of luck.

However, I have heard of folks wiring their GoControl to a remote control instead so that they can leave the wall control in place for the extra features. Usually this is going to require taking apart the remote and soldering the wires to the connections. But the good news is, that this also make GoControl work with the MyQ garage doors as well. Bad news… you now have to remember to keep the batteries charged on the remote.

Thanks. I will solder it directly to a remote this weekend and give it a shot. It should work.