Unable to properly add GoControl GD00Z-8 to VeraPlus

I just purchased (Aug 2021) a GoControl GD00Z-8 Garage Door Controller. I am attempting to add it to my VeraPlus, but having little luck. I attempted to add it using the preset Garage Door templates using the closest match (e.g. Linear GD00Z-5) but although it added “a” device it apparently added the wrong device type. I can see a device was added but no controls were displayed in the Vera mobile app (e.g open/close or lock/unlock). What I found interesting was that on the web interface, Unlock/Lock do appear however when selecting Lock a truncated message appears in blue (something like “Getting manufacturer…”) and that is followed by Purging Associations. In the end nothing happens.

After that failed attempt I disassociated the device and started over. This time I used “Generate ZWave Device”. However this resulted in exactly the same thing.

One thing I did notice is that in the Advanced Settings for the device (before disassociating) was that the device references appear to be for “Doorlock”:

device_type urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorLock:1
device_file D_DoorLock1.xml
device_json D_DoorLock1.json

I did some Google searching and had little luck. I read threads suggesting making alterations to the door controller and other extreme suggestions. That said, all were for much older models. Certainly GoControl (Linear) would have this thing working with devices like Vera by now - right???


Using the posting below I was able to get a bit further along. I now see the device as a Garage Door opener with an open/close switch. The door tilt sensor properly reports back to Vera and the state is presented correctly. However, when I attempt to send commands from Vera to the device nothing happens. The status on the Vera page changes, but the device does nothing.

I contacted GoControl (Nortek) Support, but they were mostly useless. Basically told me to un-pair and re-pair the device. Surprised they didn’t ask me if it was plugged in. Can’t be more frustrating when Support organizations do that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks to Daniel in Vera Support, my GoControl GD00Z-8-GC is now working with VeraPlus. :+1:

In order to help anyone else experiencing the same problem, I have included/attached the settings needed. I have also included entries that are unique to me just for completeness.

Refer to the uploaded PDF.VeraSetupForGD00Z-8_garageDoorOpener.pdf (451.5 KB)