EzloPi - Introducing our brand new Open Source project - for ESP-based devices

We are happy to announce that our new project - EzloPi is live now. EzloPi is an open-source project contributed by Ezlo Innovation to extend the capabilities of ESP32/ESP32-C3 chipset-based devices and platforms. It provides unparalleled capabilities to configure and control your ESP-based devices and bring any of your automation ideas to life. In the first release we are starting with configuring and controlling of GPIOs and each next release will add more and more functionality.
Here you can find a manual on how to set up and config your ESP-based boards/devices and how to run EzloPi.
EzloPezlopi_user_manual.pdf (1.3 MB)
EzloPi tools


With EzloPi you can turn ESP boards into a Smart Boards with full Cloud and Mobile app capabilities with full Dashboard and Automation.

Any hardware developer can easily turn their devices to be a smart device with our Open source EzloPi.

Full Cloud support
Full Mobile App support
Full Dashboard capability
Open Source Firmware…

Its as simple as configure your GPIO press the button, now your device becomes smart by using any standard cheap boards available.

Hardware developers can now turn their devices to be smart devices at no cost!

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