Will the web GUI not be local at all then?

Where you can enter the local LAN IP address of your Ezlo Plus hub to access the web GUI like you can with Vera UI7 ?

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there will be more functionality coming into the web ui…and first focus is to add functionality vs pretty or local…

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So it would be easy for the web UI Devs to change the menu system structure ?


yep…the pretty stuff is easy enough…putting all the functionality, connecting it up etc is what takes time.

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We deployed a set of fixes and here is the list of updates:

  • Fixed time value on the clock info panel
  • Fixed device rename setting where for the device it shows the name of the very first device in the device list of the blue menu on the left.
  • Fixed device room reassigning setting
  • Fixed device info block in the device settings,
  • Added protocol of device in the device info list
  • Fixed icons styles on ‘backups’ page, implicitly set width and height
  • Fixes in the «in progress» step for restore backup page.
  • Fixes in «completed» step for restore backup page.
  • Show spinning wheel on the left side while loading the backups list
  • Show the «empty» icon in case if there are no backups for the account
  • Other minor style improvements on backups page and device settings pages
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@cw-kid, thanks for the details, we are checking the case with RGB colour controls and will back to you with the answer.

As I said that could be because my RGB controllers are virtual devices pulled from the Vera Plus.

I do have a spare Fibaro RGBW module here, I could pair that directly to the Ezlo hub tomorrow if needed and test again.

Do we just watch the version number in the About page ? To know the app has updated ?

Mine currently says version 2.0 and the time is still incorrect on the info panel etc.

I can’t connect, neither in http, nor in https with my username and password of my Vera account



Hi @cw-kid ,
thank you for these feedbacks, that’s testing and involvement :+1::+1::+1:

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Have you tried logging in to UI1 web GUI with a PC rather than a phone ?

The GUI currently isn’t well suited to a phone anyway.

No I tried on Android with Chrome in mobile and version in computer version but it is the same result, I will try with my computer as soon as possible because I have been waiting for months for the Web UI, alfa, beta, it does not matter, because with the application it is not possible for me. Not to mention that I use Imperihome every day, so VeraMobile to configure it’s not great at the moment but that’s another subject

I haven’t used Vera mobile app in 10 years :grin:

Imperihome will still work mostly with the Vera firmware hubs. I ditched it for Home Remote though, but that has a massive learning curve.

If your using Multi System Reactor? That will have its own web based dashboard for Vera hubs.

If your using an Ezlo hub you have limited choices. Vera or Mios mobile app or this new web GUI that’s it for now.

we will see, the Ezlo system still has a good margin of improvement, I would have liked to find the same environment as Imperihome on VeraMobile. I think that if we explain to them what we need and they listen, we can make it a powerful, flexible system, with multiple possibilities with the latest current needs, but as we say in my work: the most difficult is to keep it simple, and improvements come with time


We have created a report for the login issue. You can find it here Service Desk

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They are apparently still working on an Imperihome feature parity dashboard app of their own.

Several months ago there was some public testing of the native script dashboard, but it wasn’t very well conceived and was tacked on top of the already buggy Vera mobile app and its functionality wasn’t anything past a concept with no real world use.

That died down and was removed from the Vera app thankfully.

I have no idea what they are actually working on now as far as a decent stand alone dashboard app?

Some times I get sneak peeks ahead of time, but I’ve not heard or seen anything, other than it’s still cooking in their lab…

I tried from my computer in http and https, on Chrome and Edge but still the same

Just have to wait then, your not missing much to be honest.

Backup for Linux based hubs is something new that doesn’t exist in mobile apps.

That was one of the great things about Vera the automatic backup system. Quite a few times it saved my bacon when I screwed some thing up on the system, I knew I could easily roll back and restore a backup.

I have never had any issues restoring any Vera backups to my controller hub.

Overall the Vera backup system worked well and was a great selling point.

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The point I was trying to make was: Backup is usable now.

You said

So a user potentially be missing “backup” capability that they don’t have for their ezlo hub via mobile apps by waiting as per your suggestion.