Ezlo Web GUI how to set a one off schedule?

How do you create a scene scheduled trigger for 9am on Friday?

“everyday” drop down is greyed out, why?

If you then save the scene and then edit again and go back in its set nothing.

MSR killer? :flushed:

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If you select “days of the week” instead of “custom time” you can then select “Friday”, however you then can’t specify a time.

Doesn’t make any sense?

Good job MSR supports controlling devices paired to an Ezlo Plus hub.

Created my scene on there instead.

this is how you can do it…Logically speaking its two different data sets…Date “AND” Time…

There is more functionality coming for the “date and time”…

OK thanks, I can kinda see that working for every Friday at 9am. Even though “everyday” is set? and greyed out.

But not as a one off schedule only to happen once as I wanted.

ah your original post didn’t specify one off :slight_smile:

Next week we should be releasing the extension to date and time to allow that.

Everyday is greyed out (for the upcoming capabilities…will be enabled when they are out).

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True but the thread title did :wink:

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I did set it once :slight_smile: as per your heading…:slight_smile:

Haha very witty :relaxed:

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lol…you started it…
i didn’t even go to the meaning of “Schedule” which is plural…which means
Schedule you want to set …one off…is multiple events … :slight_smile:

For everyone else reading this: We are just messing here…we know eachother :slight_smile:

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You can do this no problem in the Vera mobile app connected to an Ezlo Plus and create a scene and set a one off scheduled date / time trigger.

But my “Ezlo” scenes are still missing and AWOL in my mobile app, the Devs never fixed the “no scenes defined” issue for me.

So I can see the existing scenes in the Ezlo Web GUI, but none of those same scenes appear at all in the Vera mobile app, they are just not shown or displayed.

Think I may have to delete all my Ezlo scenes and start again.

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Yep few more functionality is needed for the date & time. I think next week they will be releasing them…

is that an IOS or Android?

Think I screwed something up with scenes in my Vera account with the Ezlo Plus controller after all the beta testing stuff. Don’t think anyone else has confirmed having the same “no scenes defined” problem. So it’s not wide spread.

I dont have this problem with my Vera Plus controller scenes, they all appear in the mobile app OK, just the Ezlo Plus controller and it’s scenes are an issue.

On Android, maybe iOS as well? But I don’t have an iOS device to test with.

Oleg and Oscar where meant to be looking into it. Oscar said it had been esculated to engineering to look at but that was a while ago and didn’t hear any news about the problem


This was the thread about the issue


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I asked the question…lets see what they say…(they are a sleep now :slight_smile: ).

Many thanks Sir, I appreciate that :pray:


here is how you do one off based on a specific time.

Should be live early next week…

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