Ezlo VOI™ step-by-step guide with videos


As you know, we released the Ezlo VOI™ feature in the Vera Mobile app for iOS and Android, which enables you to control any device connected to a voice assistants like Alexa and Google to do stuff for you.


You can control your TV, your music, literally everything from Ezlo!

You can now check the How to use Ezlo VOI™ guide, plus the lists with Alexa/Google commands that you can use in the scene creation:

You can also check these video examples:


Excellent work guys! I am loving my VOI already!!! I created one scene that controls both ezlo and alexa devices all together! Love it!

To confirm, this is still an option only for the Beta mobile apps? Also, when will this become available for use in a browser?

Only for beta app users and for users with any new Ezlo hubs or a Vera edge running the pre-alpha Linux firmware



Yes, for now Ezlo VOI™ is available in the Beta mobile apps, which soon will be officially released - it will be announced in the community.

Exactly as @Pabla pointed out, you need one of the above hubs to use Ezlo VOI™.

We are working on it, we’ll announce in the community once we’ll have it.

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Team, I got my Vera Edge updated to the latest beta today and also updated to the beta iOS app.

Unfortunately the Ezlo VOI enrolment doesn’t work for me, I get the following screens only.

Followed by

Thank you for reporting this issue. We found what is causing it. An update will be published Today.
Sorry for your inconvenience.


No dramas, it’s to be expected with a beta feature and alpha firmware.

Thank you for you understanding.
The update is now available on test flight 3.35(12)
Please logout / login after updating the app

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I just updated to 3.35 and I still don’t see any options to choose from. I’ve force closed the app and this made no difference.

Edit, ignore me, I didn’t log out and back in,

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Interesting, that worked but I have 2 Alexa’s listed. Time to go read the doco on how to use it. :sunglasses:


Thank you for reporting this, it is a known issue and we are working to fix it. At this moment you can do the enrollment more than one time with the same account and this will create duplicate Alexa/Google devices.

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I think I got impatient and clicked the allow button twice.

Is it safe to delete one of them?

Team VOI has stopped working for me, the device in the dashboard now shows “can’t detect device” and manual or scene based commands do nothing.

Manual commands show the ok message but don’t do anything.


Is it safe to delete one of them?: can’t delete it in this version. We are fixing it so that you can delete it in the next version…

Voi stopped: Yep, mine stopped too…the service had a bug that caused this…they restarted the service, its back up…and the bug is scheduled to be fixed on monday.

We will put the VOI status here https://status.getvera.com/ (once its ready)… (this status page is posted in our forums here … About the Platform Status category , this way you can have visibility to all our operations)


Cool, I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

It’s a fun service to play with, I’ve been moving routines over from Alexa to my Edge for those items that don’t have Vera integration and so far I’m liking what I see.

One thing that would be great would be virtual VOI devices. Eg create a VOI device for each of my Brunt Blinds with 2 states and the on/off Alexa commands configured as variables.

Then scenes could just call each virtual device without us having to re-enter the voice commands each time.


totally!!! its in the works!


The bug causing this problem is fixed, so everything is back to normal. Pls reply here or directly to me if you are encountering any issues with it.

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In getting a can’t detect device error in the dashboard and my scenes aren’t working even when triggered manually.

I’ve tried logging out and back in. Can you suggest next steps please?