Ezlo Secure is coming

For the past two and a half years I have had a vera plus and a vera secure. I built a house, and installed a vera secure with close to 50 devices. And every day I seek information about home automation.

I live in Europe and I can say for sure: ezlo has no interest in Europe! Both in promotions, problem solving in Europe, communication etc. I have nothing against it, but if it is to be so, it is better not to sell the product in Europe, and the consumer is looking for another brand.

I don’t want to speak for @Gabi but since the Ezlo lineup for Europe is not yet ready, we can’t discuss at this stage what exactly the upgrade program will look like. Most probably will be in a similar manner but it depends on a lot of business factors like certification costs, the deals we manage to make with the distributors, so on so forth. As Melih said in another post, these products will be global, it’s just a matter of time, logistics and business. We hope to be there ASAP.

We’ve sold Vera in Europe and I’m sure we will also sell Ezlo. As per the promotions, our official distributors have free hand in making their own promos.

Thank you for your reply @Sorin . From a business perspective it would be wise to have a strategy ready (and a lined-up communication plan), especially if you already know that this is a global product range. Not only technical superiority will conquer the world.

But ok, no info means no info until there is. I will wait patiently.

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When are you going to show us Australian’s some love @melih? Given the new Z-wave 700 chips don’t require an external SAW filter am I wrong in thinking that you no longer have to build custom hardware for different regions/frequencies unless you’re incorporating LTE U and H frequencies?

If that assumption is true, what is delaying the release of international variants? What am I missing if it is as simple as sourcing plug pack power supplies you should be aiming for simultaneous release?


good night everyone … Are there any news for Europe? Fibaro already has its new gateway with z-wave 700 pre-booked in Europe.


Any News on when Australia will happen or do we start looking for a new Hub

Hello @Yarryman,
The new Ezlo controllers will be released for Australia next year. Right now, we are working as hard as possible so we can get into the Australian market as soon as possible. In the meantime, we highly appreciate your interest and patience.

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Do you have a date for the UK?

Hello @col8eral,
It would be about the same time for the European Union. Regards.

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