Which hub should I buy

Atom is a brand new RTOS.

Currently there is no migration path from a Vera hub to an Ezlo hub, but they are working on it apparently.

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That would be good. Then it’s down to if all devices and scenes etc will be compatible. Do you know when a UK version is likely to be available.

This was stated recently. Not sure about Ezlo Plus and Secure hubs though?

Yes and yes, backup and restore and you’ll have everything migrated to the new hub. It works ok same ui7 version, but across different hw (ie edge to plus).

Any news on when they might release these hubs in Australia ?

Hello @Yarryman,
We have responded to your questions here. Thank you for the interest.

I asked support about UK and they said they didn’t know. I have no ideas for Australia. Sorry.

My 2c. I just decommed my Vera’s and moved to Home Assistant. I had a terrible support experience where it took 3 weeks for them to agree that my device was dead. Support has been bad in the past but its unbearable now. I tried out Home Assistant when the Chamberlain garage controller on Vera broke again. It fixed immediately on HA and took about another month on Vera. The developer community is so much more active on Home Assistant and the platform is much more configurable. I’m sure there are some happy Vera / Ezlo customers out there but if you are starting from scratch, you might want to look elsewhere.

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@nik.taylor out of interest, did you use Ezlo hardware and have any experience with it?
Is your advice against Vera or Ezlo hardware?

@melih - I did not use Ezlo devices, only Vera. As far as I can assume the dev community will be roughly the same as Vera and that makes or breaks these devices that come from smaller companies. Home Assistant is thriving whereas I see the Vera community on the decline. I’ve been using Vera devices for 8 years.

Are you recommending people not to use Ezlo (something you have no experience with as per your own admission)?

Given my experiences with Ezlo supporting the Vera platform, Ezlo supporting Fortrezz (I own a MimoLite) and the current community support on the Ezlo platform I would not. I’m not saying the device is bad, i’m saying the community and support are currently lacking.

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Well most of the veteran experts were banned from the forum unfortunately.

Perhaps if they were still here today they might of offered some community support for the Ezlo hubs, but then perhaps not…

Community and Support is lacking for which product Ezlo or Vera?

I already addressed that above.

I didn’t see you referring to your experience of “Ezlo supporting Ezlo” which was my question.
You have referred to “Ezlo supporting Vera” which is a different use case.

Do you have any experience of using an Ezlo product and your support not being answered in a timely manner?

If Ezlo owns Fortrezz and you consider that an Ezlo product then yes, otherwise no.

I don’t consider it an Ezlo product.

Therefore can you please correct your statement? (appreciate it)
Since you admit you have no first hand experience of receiving Ezlo support for an Ezlo Product.

Maybe you should talk to the Fortrezz guys because the home page states that it’s an Ezlo company: https://www.fortrezz.com.

I’m sure most people on here don’t want to see this back and forth, trying to pick holes in my comments to the community. If you feel like continuing then feel free to drop me a mail.


Simply making sure to alert the users that although you have no experience of the Ezlo Hub or support of Ezlo hub (as you admitted) you are advising people against it. Its not a nice behaviour and readers should be aware of that.

If you feel like continuing then feel free to drop me a mail.

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