Ezlo Secure is coming

Guys, 10K of Ezlo Secure are coming from the factory for you.


I want 2 of these powerful beasts @Oleh please !! :slight_smile:
Can I have one white and one black please.

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On Monday shipping to you one white and one black. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Oleh I want 1 too :relaxed: Please

I read a lot of negative opinions about young Ezlo and his ability to recover backups of Vera or his plugins.
Not sure if I buy a product to test at my expense.

THANKS! :wink:

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I was accepted into the Beta. Hopefully one comes my way.

:frowning: Didn’t get in to the beta.

But looking forward to hearing from them that did, and how it performs.

And if a spot opens up, I’m ready :slight_smile:

Since the Vera Secure is still being shipped with a 3G cell modem backup, hopefully this will solve the obsolete cellular backup issue. Is there any chance the licensing issue for Texas users will be resolved in the near future? I have been waiting for about two years, on a process that the State of Texas says should take approximately 30 days. I used to have a monitored system. If there is no resolution, please take the banner down for the Vera Protect page. The same issue exists for several other states.

I would like to buy one however, there seems to be no support for the centralite 3400 keypad.

good … I have a vera secure with 50 devices. before secure came out it had the plus. Not being able to recover a backup on ezlo does not concern me if the change and effort is for a good reason. In my opinion, vera should have some native features such as a record of the history. It is not my greatest wish, but analyzing it at an impartial level, it is the most incomprehensible in a system. The problems I have with vera secure are mainly coverage in the house. Although the z-wave is a chain network, some features of some devices only work through direct connection to the gateway. If the ezlo secure, which comes with the z-wave 700, has a greater reach even with 500 series devices, I will buy it as soon as it becomes available. This is another uncertainty, when will it be available in Europe? Every day I lose 1/2 hours with tests and research on z-wave … I will always be available to help

Backup is coming to Ezlo hopefully in February (don’t hold me to it though pls…things may shift)

If you look at this comparison sheet Ezlo Products are launching with the 700 series “very soon” and we will be including the Long Range capability that Zwave launched as well (very very soon).

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And when will the gateways be available for purchase in Europe?

Thanks for the reply and congratulations for the work

Thank you!
Our engineering team has been working very hard on this for sometime! Its a very powerful, flexible and scalable platform. Of course we’ll have some teething problems, but nothing we can’t solve.
I asked our Product team to provide a date for when the Europe versions will be available (i am hoping soon!)

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EU version for Ezlo Secure is targeted for end of Q2 - beginning of Q3 2021.
The EU version of the Ezlo Plus would be earlier in Q2, 2021.

These are estimates we have so far, please note the dates may be impacted based on demand.
We will provide updates along the way.

good morning. i think we are all agreed that whoever needs to buy gateways, it doesn’t pay to be buying with z-wave 500 series. however much i want a certain brand, at this moment the z-wave 700 is the order. in europe, at this moment, there are already z-wave gateways on sale with z-wave 700. at this moment, in my opinion, if ezlo is only launched at that time, it will lose many customers.

Thank you and good work

It’s good to hear these are coming out. I look forward to seeing some reviews!

Is there even a plan for a date for the Australian version yet :grinning: :grinning:

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Yes! we love our friends down under :slight_smile:


Just got the email for the pre-order. What’s the discount for upgrading from my Vera Secure, and what hoops do I have to jump through?

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