Ezlo Secure is coming

I agree, there should be a discount for existing vera users. Let me put in a word with the CEO :slight_smile:

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EzloPlus: US - $47.95 + shipping (Retail is $69.95) SAVE 31%
EzloSecure: US - $149.95 + shipping (Retail is $199.95) SAVE 25%
need to have a live controller to qualify for the discount


So how does the discount work?

You just need an existing Vera controller live under your user account?

Does the Vera controller hardware have to be returned to you at some point?

BTW the retail prices are good, cheaper than I expected. I assume us in the EU / UK, (Yeah we are no longer in the EU!) Will pay higher prices than the US.




My intention is to reduce the prices even further in the future, through innovation…its my journey to make it as cost effective as possible.

That’s the part of the email I received that triggered the question. Well played…you priced it just painful enough to get me to second guess. :sweat_smile: Get it under the $100 mark, it’s a no-brainer. Don’t offer the discount, I probably don’t make the jump. Put it right in that sweet spot, now I have to think harder about it! At least you are still offering a device with the 345MHz, I don’t know of any other OTS platform that has it.

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I use Ezlo Plus at home, its same CPU/RAM as EzloSecure. (i haven’t yet deployed my brand new two EzloSecure hubs I just received ) Very powerful and you can have it for $47.95 +shipping! You can have 2 of those for $99 :wink:

here is the full comparison page:

And neither of them would support 345MHz which is what pulled me to Vera in the first place.

I have an active Vera and want to order. How do I get the discount?

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Hello Glenn, just use the email form button up top or email us at support@getvera.com to secure your discount.

Ezlo Secure supporting 345MHz the same as Vera G550 with wider range of supported devices.

Exactly, the Ezlo Plus does not which is what @melih was saying I can get two of for <$100. I need the Secure, which even with discount is >$100 and outside of my self-declared “sweet spot” for a no-brainer upgrade.

Are you going to brick the Vera that we provide the serial number of for the discount?


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They will not brick it BUT

Note: If you decide to go for the upgrade program, your current Vera controller won’t be bricked by us, it’ll simply be restricted from accessing our platform. That means that the controller will run locally with your scenes and current devices connected to it and you will be able to access it locally, but you won’t have remote access to it from the VeraMobile app nor the websitehome.getvera.com.

we don’t have any plans on bricking or restricting.
We have no plans in the short or medium term to stop supporting it.
Do you want me to create a separate topic for “Conspiracy Theories”? :slight_smile:

and EU version, same deal when it’s ready ?

yup! same deal.

Where did you get that information from?

It was in an email I sent them when I questioned how to get the discount.

Please can you share the contents?


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