EZLO plus vs Vera Plus

Just bought a new vacation rental. 1800 sq ft. Its going to have Leviton zwave lighting switches, Nest Thermostat. window and door sensors, window shades. maybe some pool equipment. Nothing super special. There will be a decent number of triggered scenes.

I use a Vera Plus in my current house. It works fine with some minor problems. I need opinions on whether to get another Plus or wait for the Ezlo Plus? I know it is beta testing at the moment. Thanks for the help everyone.

Buy both. Will be quite some time I think before the Ezlo Plus even catches up with the Vera Plus for base line functionality.

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Do you have any forecast about release date of Ezlo Plus EU?

Since I haven’t found any information on the release date of Ezlo Plus, I would probably go for another Plus.

O, how I wish they had not rehashed the same Plus, Edge and Secure names!!

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The 20 scene limit of Ezlo Plus is a deal breaker.

I think this is a bug, that will (optimistically) be removed shortly and not a feature :wink:

Have you just read that somewhere? Or are you unable to actually create more than 20 scenes?

It was confirmed back here that there is no scene limit, by one of the lead Ezlo developers.

There was a bug however it should of been fixed by now I would suspect.

As soon as I created scene #20, the add button (+) became grayed out. I literally could not create a scene past 20.

I did receive a reply that this is a known bug and will be fixed at some point.

Which app are you using Vera app for Android or iOS ?

Is it the same in the other Mios app ?

@adina.porea I thought this bug was fixed in the Vera apps no ?

I’m using the VeraMobile for iOS version 3.51

I don’t use iOS devices, so can’t tell you what the latest version number is?

Just make sure the app is up to date.

Are you getting beta updates for the iOS app do you know ?

Version 3.51 is the latest non-beta. I’m not in the beta program for either the app or the hardware.

So what hub are you using an Ezlo Plus ? Or a Vera Plus ?

Ezlo Plus. Delivered Monday 3/1.

Right got you. Maybe update to the latest beta version of the Vera app and see if the problem has gone.

It was a bug for sure, guess we need confirmation now if they actually fixed it ?

I wonder what the plan is for Geofencing. None of the Ezlo hardware currently lists support for Geofencing. I was hoping that possibly the new controllers would fix the current Geofencing woes with the vera controllers. Native controller support would be nice as opposed to trying to a ‘non native’ solution.

We have plans for Geofencing. Expect something in summer or by summer for Ezlo range.

Geo fencing and in house locating right?

Triangulation I think you said. That would be a killer feature…

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I just hit scene 20 and the + scene to add more scenes has disappeared (android app). Any word when this will get fixed?