Ezlo Dashboard Alpha version

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Thanks guys for the responses, sounds just like what we want to hear from you !

I haven’t looked at the Ezlo dashboard configurator for about a week or so, last time I looked not much had changed.

I am really hoping I can use the native Ezlo dashboard in the long term.

In the meantime with Imperihome gone EOL I am hedging my bets with “The Home Remote” that I am testing out now, so please see that thread again I linked to above, for ideas and there are more screen shots on there today.

Obviously “The Home Remote” only works with the current Vera FW and the HTTP API (Luup Requests) and this will break when I switch to the Ezlo FW / hub, but hoping the developer of that app will invest the time to make it compatible with the new Ezlo platform also.

I pinged Tarkus to see how we can work together.

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Yes he is very knowledgeable about this “The Home Remote” app much more so than myself currently.

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday we made another release and I’m happy to say that we get one step closer to fully customized Dashboard App.
In this release (;

  • You can see active controllers that we were able to detect under your profile (account) section
  • Device States are fully listed (it was only on / off in the past) and you can customize them state by state
    - YouTube
  • Tile background image upload enabled on Web App too
  • Transparent background images supported
  • Device icons are now can be changed but now it is limited to internal library, we will let you upload your own icons besides providing you different sets of icons soon.
    - YouTube
  • Landscape mode is working in a better way, it was a bit buggy in the past.

Known issues;

  • Not all the devices and Scenes listed at the moment, we are working with cloud teams to fix it.
  • Deleting entire name of the tile creates a visual bug but once you type the new title and press done, it works.

We will work on enabling manual scene triggering within the dashboard preview, which will let you run your favorite scene using new dashboard app.


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Can we specify exact RGB or hex colour codes for backgrounds and tile colours?

Rather than leaving it to chance we can pick the same exact colours via a colour wheel or sliders each and every time.

Also a global setting to make alll tile or page back ground colours the same. And we can upload our own dash page background images right?

Has the bug with Vera Plus devices and scenes now not being made available fixed?

It did work a few weeks ago now no devices or scenes from a a Vera Plus are presented.

Strange it still works for a Vera Edge running Vera firmware.


Can we now use state icons?

On or Off etc.




I see in your YouTube video you have a state button for on and off.

How about more detailed tiles not just showing a state on / off button but also having a state icon as well for the same tile / device.



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building a library with pretty graphics is coming…if you guys have a library you like please share it here and we will be happy to include it.

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This is already supported, but the icon is limited by our internal library at the moment. So in the near future, we will upload our own icons then we will have different Background + Different icons for each state.

I think we can show exact values underneath the picker and let you change it manually, but as you suggested, showing previously used colors would be great, I will talk to guys to make that part better.

Some nice icons on this web page:

Here are my icons. Not sure if the quality will be good enough for some of them? As I have made a lot of the icons myself. But the ones I use in Imperihome all look OK to me.


And here are my AV device and App icons.

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excellent thanks.
you can use these icons in your current design, right?
can you please use them in your own design and send us a screenshot of how it looks :slight_smile:

How you mean?

In the Imperihome app or in the new Ezlo dashboard ?

Here was a demo video of my Imperihome dashboards made 6 months ago now, so it has changed some what since.

Ezlo Dashboard

I haven’t got that far yet, the custom icons were not working.

And there is a bug where you now cannot select any devices or scenes from a Vera Plus.


Do you think we will ever see GUIs that look like these in Ezlo ?

Imperihome is good in terms or its functionality and ease of use.

And that would be a good starting point for you to reach feature parity with Imperihome.

However will you go above and beyond and allow users to create more professional looking GUIs ?

of course…even better…got very interesting ideas…


OK that sounds promising.

In the short term I would be very happy with an Imperihome app replacement for my new Ezlo controller.

But if in time we could use some layouts and designs like these more professional looking GUIs and place our device buttons and scenes that would be awesome.

What plans do you have for Audio Visual devices ?

I think most Vera users will be using lower cost Logitech Harmony hubs or Broadlink RM Pro hubs to control their AV gear. Global Cache IR control as well I would think.

Personally I really need the current 3rd party Harmony plugin to be ported over to the Ezlo platform.

Obviously most of your users are in the budget DIY end of the market, we are not all rich and cannot afford high end AV control systems or HDMI matrix distribution devices, if we could then we wouldn’t be using Vera, we would be using Crestron, Control4, AMX and the likes etc.

Did you see the screen shots in this Home Remote thread ? Regarding AV device controls.

The Home Remote system automatically generated those remote control screens for my Logitech Harmony hub activities, I didn’t have to do anything, other than change a few button commands here and there. I just added my Harmony hub devices in to it and it did the rest which was very good and unexpected.

Also here I have tweaked an existing template I found for controlling Kodi Media Center PCs and I changed its look and design somewhat from the original template to match in with my theme.

Keene Electronic Kira 128

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I’m lost, do I have to use the dashboard app to build a dashboard in the Mios app? That can’t be true… I’m testing the Mios app and do run into issues but I have seen some nice lay-outs there. Can you please explain why there are two apps for having a dashboard. I expect the Mios app to do this on its own.
What Android version is required to use the apps? Edit I found it must be Android 8.1