Ezlo Dashboard Alpha version

Where have you seen these? You have a link? There are no nice layouts currently.

Seems at the moment you have three different places you can start to create your Ezlo dashboards.

  1. The “new” Mios App

Beta sign up here.

  1. The Ezlo Dashboard Configurator App

App links here.

  1. The web based version at: https://edash.mios.com

Then there is the “Dashboard Pro” dashboard which is something completely different again.

That can be seen in the Vera mobile app and also in the Mios app.

While creating a new dashboard in the Mios app you can select from different lay outs (similar to imperihome)

Hopefully they will expand on the available grid layouts and number of tiles on each layout, far too few currently.

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Depends on your screen size, I think.
Only for larger (tablet) screens from 8" and up more icons is helpful.

Looks to me that current design is for phones only. Maybe the devteam can also take into account that tablets have larger screens.

Ezlo need far more page layout choices, what they have currently isn’t going to be good enough.

Here are the all the layouts in Imperihome and even then there was sometimes pages with not just the right amount of widget holder places.

Hi @cw-kid ,

Yes, we planned and decided to work on a flexible solution for all of us, but so far creating visually appealing structure is quite challenging, and we want to fix it with themes that can adjust itself for different screen sizes!

We started with 2 different modes and 15 square tiles at the beginning, then I decided to split each square by 4 to give us more resolution and flexibility but it didn’t solve the problem of having 4K screens for example!
Making it responsive is another solution but again it is opening possibilities of bad design decisions made by users, and then we stopped there.

Once we are done with virtual devices and cloud scenes, we will focus on tile customization again.


The Tile settings now appear to have been removed from the app and can no longer be accessed ?


Before I post my feedback, I guess I should ask if this thread applies to the Dashboard I just began trying out at https://edash.mios.com/?

If so, here goes:

  1. Looks fun, and I’m able to get as far as selecting an orientation (e.g. Portrait) and assigning a few devices to the tiles by clicking + and choosing from a list. No problem.

  2. BUT… when I click DONE (there is no “Save” button), it kicks me back to the “Select Dashboard Template” screen, from which I can proceed no further.

  3. Once (yesterday), all of the devices previously available on the Devices & Scenes lists vanished, leaving only “Amazon Alexa” to choose from.

Accordingly, with all these failures, I have not thus far been able to test out the actual Dashboard, but will try again in the future. Seems promising.

And if I’ve inadvertently posted this Feedback in the wrong thread, please ask an Admin to categorize it properly. I’ve honestly lots track of all the new apps and dashboards under development, with a litany of names (ezlo, mios, vera, etc.) that I’m unable to keep track of. So thanks!

  • Libra

Yes it does kinda, its all the same Nativescript dashboard they are developing.

There is another thread for the Web app but either of these threads will do.

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When you have devices with the same name “Doorbell CAM Motion” in this case, that are on different controllers, there is no way to tell them apart in the dashboard configurator when attempting to add one to a tile.

One is on my Vera Plus with Vera firmware.

The other is on my Ezlo Plus.

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I want to be able to mix and match devices and scenes from different controllers on to a single dashboard page.

Especially whilst we are migrating things over to the Ezlo platform from the Vera platform, as we will be in the situation where we have devices on both.

Also if some devices are not supported on the Ezlo platform, I am thinking about some plugin devices here, then those devices are likely to remain on the Vera Plus controller.

I have used the Android standalone Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app to create this dashboard page.

I have two devices from the Ezlo Plus and two devices from the Vera Plus.

In the Mios app when connected to the Ezlo Plus or when connected to the Vera Plus in the Settings - Dashboard Settings, I cannot see this new “Porch” Dashboard at all for selection to be displayed.


Looks like the Nativescript dashboard has been removed from the Veraobile app.

Still present in the Mios app however.

When can we expect to see some new releases for the dashboard?

Everything has gone silent on this front.


The new Dashboard will be officially released as part of our new MiOS application.
We are extending its functionality and a series of updates will be available in the near future.


I created a dashboard on edash.mios.com, but I don’t know where to see the result.
I see that some of you are using ImperiHome but still not available on iPhone, and I’m trying somehow to authenticate myself on the iOS Ezlo Protect application, but I always get a “Login failed” with the same credentials as ezlogic.mios.com.
I’m a bit confused, because I tried setting up a new dashboard on ezlogic.mios.com but it’s not very user-friendly. I don’t even know how to attach the widgets available on the corresponding devices.

First of all, why are there is two different dashboard generators on Mios?!?!?

Hello @Raynald_Gelinas

Thank you for contacting us.

Please check your email, we will continue through your support ticket.


Jonathan Botero.
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