Ezlo Dashboard Alpha version

Hi Everyone,

We made our weekly release just few hours ago and would like to present open alfa links for ios and android platforms. This is an alpha version of our Dashboard Configurator app which will let you design your dashboard and use it in your popular Smart Home Management application.

  1. You can login using your vera credentials
  2. Create a dashboard with two layout modes;
    2.a) Single layout mode
    2.b) Distinct Portrait and Landscape mode
  3. Add tiles (Scene, Device, URL and Dashboard)
  4. Preview your dashboard on the main screen (Just a preview for now :wink:

We would like to hear from you about how we can improve our user experience.

IOS Test Flight Link:

Android Early Access Link:

Known issues;
-It will work only with Ezlo hubs in this release but next week we are planning to enable Vera hubs too.

  • At first installation if it doesn’t log you in, you need to close the app and re-launch. (iOS)

also, Unable to use tab between username and password text input fields
android 8, set top box

Will it be available for Android-version 9 as well? Today it is not compatible.

Very good glad to hear it will work with our existing Vera hubs soon, so we can give it a proper testing and give our feedback.

I hope that Ezlo dashboard will be good as ImperiHome. Due to current problems with Imperihome it will be good solution for users to switch to Ezlo. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I can’t login to the app. Says sorry that didn’t go through.

If I put in the wrong password the message changes saying incorrect user or password.

Doesn’t appear to be a region issue, I’m in the UK, if I use a USA VPN it still doesn’t login.

I also have a second Vera account that doesn’t login either. Both have same password however.

Phone is Android 9 Pie

Hi @cw-kid, @ElCid,
Can you please close the app then launch it again?

Same after closing and reopening the app.

Clearing cache and data doesn’t help either.

I did, three times

Probably the vera hub issue

So are we not also getting a desktop dashboard designer app for Windows? Thought @melih mentioned it but could be wrong.

Rebooting the phone doesn’t help either.

I can wait till next week as I don’t have a hub running the Linux Ezlo FW yet anyway.

We will check this again and make another release on Monday; because credentials look like working, but gathering device list on the first handshake causing a problem.

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I’d say credentials are working. If I use an incorrect password it knows.

@cw-kid we will prioritize a web version of the designer next week and try to get it as soon as possible.

For the Vera hubs, we will try to implement a hybrid approach in the following days, so I’m expecting that next week all of us will start playing with the dashboard app.

Same issue here on iOS for my VP

Edit: I didn’t realize it won’t with Vera hubs yet, so that’s probably why I’m not able to connect

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OK cool. Being able to use my laptop for the designer app would be good.

My eyes are not getting any better with old age and small screens.

Although saying that all the Imperihome app customisation was done on mobile app.

I think most people in the forum are pinning their hopes on the new mobile and Web dashboard GUIs being on par or better than Imperihome., especially now its gone EOL.

I assume your dev team have looked at Imperihome app and the threads we have been posting about its features and functionality?

I got the app installed and managed to log in just fine, but because my Edge controller has no devices installed yet, I receive the following error message screen:

I assume therefore that I must add devices to the controller before the app proceeds any further?

so that you can then map a device to a tile.

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